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Autumn Days

Leaves turned to rust and gold sweep through the streets along currents of cool, gusty autumn winds. The time for cozy sweaters and tall boots are just around the corner. I can’t wait!

I can’t help myself. I love this time of year when colors brighten up our Arctic world for a micro second before the snow marches down the white capped mountains to bury the city in frosty white. With the help of my excited six year old granddaughter, we pulled out light up pumpkins and cozy fall throws to scatter around my tiny home. Plastic pumpkins with gold and orange glitter sit randomly about my home, sat there with great care and deliberation by my granddaughter. Guest may be surprised to find a small, oblong shaped pumpkin peaking at them from a shelf in my bathroom. But it’s where Miss R put it and it’s where it will stay until the season rotates and makes me smile every time I see a hidden pumpkin in unsuspecting corners or shelves


Author: April

Journey with me through the next little bit to find the joy hidden just beneath the everyday moments. Let's unearth fun! We can be archeologists of our own lives. Let's spread cheer into the ordinary. Get ready, set, go!

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