50 – Count ’em – Yes, 50 Things I Am Grateful For In 2016…

I’m a newbie to blogging but I saw this challenge and figured it would be a good exercise for the last morning of the last day of 2016…Cheers!

Here are the instructions, as written on the hosting blog, Tales From the Motherland:

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Let’s Get Started!

  1. God, The Creator, Higher Power, the Universe, whatever you call the BEING that guides us all on this big, blue ball we call Earth.
  2. The every-day-ORDINARY-life-moments that remind us we are all one – far more connected than I ever imagined.
  3. PASSION! Yes, we all witnessed passionate outcries this year from local, national to global politics, losing celebrities across genres, fake news and social media influences explosions. What a wake up call.
  4. Speaking of wake up call, KINDNESS is calling…can you hear it?
    Be Kind to Yourself
    Be Kind to Yourself
    It sounds like your mom calling your name to come inside for supper after a long game of tag football. Kindness in small things have touched me over the last year and I’m looking forward to how it blossoms in the coming new year.
  5. “Today I will be as happy as a bird with a french fry” sign hangs by my desk and makes me chuckle. How can I not be grateful for the simple reminders to just be HAPPY.
  6. “Grandma, I love you,” Miss R. says wrapping her tiny arms around my waste. GRANDCHILDREN are the best…maybe I should move this to the top of the list!
  7. Watching snowflakes falling from my cozy HOME.
  8. Hot CHOCOLATE “with marshmallows, because hot chocolate isn’t hot chocolate without marshmallows,” according to Miss R.
  9. Birthday celebrations all through the year with friends and family reminding me that we are all UNIQUE and SPECIAL in our own way.
  10. Listening to Pandora  to discover new MUSIC channels…I highly recommend “Hipster Cocktail Party Radio. Try it. You will love it!
  11. How can I not mention COFFEE! Not the syrupy, sweet drinks that masquerade as coffee you find at your local coffee shop, but the fresh-brewed-sinfully-good-old-fashion-kind found in my kitchen. YUM!
    Morning coffee to start the morning off right.
  12. Technology advances this year are AMAZING! Just take a look at your smart phone and say a little prayer to all the geniuses who have brought the world to your fingertips.
  13. Social Media is a blessing and I’m happy to live in this UBER connected online world.
  14. I’m also grateful for taking time to DISCONNECT and unplug to enjoy the real world.
  15. The color PINK. Yes, its girly and ultimately feminine, yet it gives me a radiant, happy feeling whenever I see it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Live it.
  16. TRAVEL. From Las Vegas to Florida I spent long weekends dancing in the front row as Santana played a few feet away, walking the beach during sunset over the 4th of July, learning a bit too much about itchy sand flea bites, swimming in Alyeska’s salt water pool with Miss R  followed by milk and cookies turn down service and these were just a few experiences over 2016. Life is GOOD.
  17. I am reminded that life’s highs could not be recognized without the LOWS. Yes, 2016 brought a lot of lows with it. But even during the rough patches, like now, with all the uncertainty around my career, I’ve learned to look at things with new eyes and an appreciation for all the blessings even during the hard days.
  18. My adult CHILDREN bring me joy – OK, maybe some tummy-twisting-concern at times (blame it on the adult child in me), but I’m really thrilled to be a part of their lives.
  19. Warm SUNSHINE kissing bare arms.
  20. A melty-mint-chocolate-chip ICE CREAM cone on a hot summer day.
  21. Peonies from Pikes Market in early summer are pure JOY. Their fragrance captures summertime in every bloom. INHALE.
  22. When in France I indulged myself and bought a lovely silk scarf. Since then I have been hooked and absolutely ADORE the warm, buttery soft scarves that are delightfully light and utterly feminine.
    Pretty things I’m grateful for.
  23. BRUNCH at Bouchon Bakery is a bite of heaven on a lazy weekend. My go to favorite is chicken and waffles and a bright mimosa – after all fried chicken and champagne are a treat! Try it you will love it!
  24. READING more motivational  blogs like Do What You Love and happify and less mainstream media. Trust me, it saved my sanity during the election this year and I plan to keep it up in 2017.
  25. A flight of WINE with my girlfriend as we giggle over the best one.
  26. Learning the hard way that being SINGLE over 40 is so much better than being with a guy who really doesn’t like the real you.
  27. Filling my home with lots of SPARKLE just because it makes me happy.
  28. The perfect lip GLOSS, with a hint of shimmer.
  29. Netflix marathon in pajamas and cozy SOCKS.
  30. Like minded soul SISTERS that keep me sane – you know who you are.
  31. My favorite place to SHOP and find the perfect thing – Nordstrom!
  32. My life would not be complete without BOOTS. Here in the Last Frontier boots are a necessity that I have embraced completely for every season.
  33. Finding refreshment with a glass of sparkling WATER.
  34. Small SURPRISES that unexpectedly pop up and make me pause.
  35. Working with some really great PEOPLE.
  36. Knowing when its better to say GOODBYE than hanging around and overstaying my welcome.
  37. Taking time to CLEAN out my closet and remove the clutter!
  38. Rediscovering an old FAVORITE while cleaning out my closet.
  39. LEARNING more.
  40. Listening to my body. Hello Ayurveda.
  41. Writing in a  JOURNAL even when I really didn’t want too. Sometimes enforcing a little discipline helps center me and my tendency for distraction. “Look there’s a bird!”
  42. Follow a child’s lead. BAKING with Miss R. has to be one of my all time favorite blessings that I am so grateful for. For Christmas she challenged me to rethink chocolate chips cookies…my 6 year old granddaughter wanted to make chocolate chip shaped cookies. And we did. She gave them away at her GGMom’s Christmas party. SUCCESS – all because of a child’s view of the world.
    Christmas Fun
  43. VOLUNTEERING for a professional organization when no one else would step up taught me a lot about myself and others this year. Which reminds me, I have a newsletter to get out today!
  44. Waking up each morning with an OPPORTUNITY to make a better day.
  45. A new CAR found its way home to me this summer. Every time I get into its solid, comfortable interior I am grateful that I took the plunge and brought it home.
  46. White TWINKLE lights and white, flame-free candles light up my windows during the winter’s darkest hours.
  47. I began a new year’s tradition when I turned forty…plan at least one vacation. From cruises to Europe over this last decade I have been so blessed to EXPLORE places around the globe. My next excursion will be a long weekend in New York City in a few weeks with a girlfriend. Imagine, New York in January!
    Playing on the beach with my favorite people
  48. FAMILY, this includes Fat Cat, my street cat turned house cat…
  49. Do-Overs, in other words FORGIVENESS. Thank goodness for do-overs when they come!
  50. Last, but not least, the opportunity to write this haphazard list of 50 things I’m grateful for on this last morning of 2016. Its given me time for reflection and the realization that I am so blessed. THANK YOU!!!!! No matter what, take time today, tomorrow and the next to recognized all the things you have to be grateful for. It will change your perspective and just may change your life.

Happy New Year!





What Will 2017 Bring? 

What will you do with your brand new year?

1 Year to embrace life.

4 seasons to learn to ice skate, pick spring flowers, dive in the deep end, and rake mounds of leaves.

12 months to explore, refine and let go.

365 opportunities for more smiles and less frowns.

365  brand NEW days!

What will you do with your brand new year?

Happy New Year!



Lazy Days Are Coming To A Close

Fat Cat found her way to my lap

It’s Friday early evening. It’s been a lovely staycation at home this week. I have to admit I’m a bit surprised how quickly the days slipped by. I did get a few things accomplished but not everything on my list. But I’m ok with that. There’s always next year, right!?! And it’s just around the corner – literally.

I’ve had fun flittering here and there, momentarily tackling day-to-day errands like getting the car’s oil changed and shoveling the never ending snow that continues to fall before finding myself distracted by beautiful, blue winter skies. But days are short here. Night creeps in early and, like a bear in its den, I snuggle up on my couch to indulge in  another lazy evening of pure relaxation.

Not to be left out, Fat Cat regally steps onto my lap demanding a scratch or two – ok lots of scratches and cuddles. We’ve come a long way in our relationship, this abandoned cat and I. From a spitting, hissing creature afraid of her shadow to a spoiled house cat requiring tummy rubs and ear scratches I think she might finally like me… or maybe it’s just her filled bowl of kibble.  Whatever it is, this may be my longest successful relationship in years!


Somewhere Between Christmas and New Year

Be kind to yourself

I’ve spent the last few days at home. I’ve indulged myself with wearing comfy pajamas, fuzzy socks, forgetting about bedtimes, sleeping until I wake and making breakfast for Miss R. I’ve cooked lovely dinners, opened a bottle of pino and watched Netflix movies. I’ve ignored the world outside except for my little family.

I’m practicing kindness. To myself. It’s a foreign concept but one I could get use to. I’m finding this space between Christmas and New Year a sanctuary from working demands of a busy life. I’ve slowed to an almost crawl.  And, you know what, I highly recommend it!


Healthy Alternatives

With all of the indulgences during the Holiday Season my diet is not always the best and, let’s be honest, I’m not at the gym as regularly as I should. Add the chaos of shopping, parties and family stress tis the season to fall off the health wagon.

Christmas But instead of throwing in the towel with planned New Year resolutions I reach for herbal supplements like Banyan Healthy Vata Stress Ease to balance my crazy lifestyle. A few years ago I stumbled on to Banyan Botanicals website and blog and was introduced to great alternatives to wind down and find balance. It’s exactly what this type A lady needs – a reminder to breathe in joy and fully embrace the Christmas Season.