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First Day of 2017 – Chocolate Cherry Trifle for One


Trifle for One

Miss R wanted to make New Year chocolate cupcakes. What’s a grandmother to do? We bake!

We baked a dozen chocolate cupcakes and she frosted three; one for her and two for mom and dad. After adding gads of pink and blue sprinkles “because you can never have enough sprinkles,” according to Miss R., she took her treasures home to share. I’m positive a trail of sprinkles followed her all the way out my door and through the yard, to next door where they live.

Umm. What to do with the rest?

It’s New Year’s Day so I decided to splurge and put together a decadent-devilishly-delicious-chocolate-trifle.  Since it’s just me and my waistline doesn’t need more than one I put together individual sized trifles. The best thing about this pint size yummy dessert is how simple and easy it is to put together.  I happen to have a few petite trifle dishes but stemless wine glasses work just as well which make perfect single portions.

The hardest thing about this whole treat is layering the ingreadients. And you get to pick the ingredients you like most that pairs with whatever cake you may have on hand. I love cherries paired with chocolate and, guess what, I just happened to have cherry pie filling in the pantry.  A match made in heaven.

Seriously, it really is as easy as 1-2-3. Start with a base of chocolate cake, layer with cherries, followed by chocolate pudding, followed by cool whip and repeat until you reach the top. Add a dollop of whip cream on top and voila, dessert for one.

Happy New Year!



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