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Recap: Long Weekend in Sin City


The thing about travel is it’s a very individualistic activity; meaning my trip to Vegas will be different from your trip to Vegas. However what else is true, we can all learn from each other. As Mr. Carey said you can find everything here  it just depends on what you want.  To recap my weekend, it was all about self care and friendship.

I bet you are curious how I did on my budget…right??? I did pretty good, in my own estimation. Remember my Vegas is not necessarily your Vegas and that equals budget too.

I window shopped.

I enjoyed the free shows.

I walked – a lot.

I got off the strip.



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All in airfare, hotel and expenses I came in under $1000. For me that’s a huge win. I could have saved even more if I hadn’t indulged myself at the Spas. But getting away is also about self care. And, repeat this mantra, I am worth it. Got it? Ok, moving on.



As I as I have grown older I find that PLAY is vastly important to me. It’s embracing friendship and new experiences even in places you have been to over and over again. It wakes us up. It lightens our hearts. So get out there and go on an adventure. I highly recommend it.



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