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Sparkles, A Pinch of Richness and Lots of Laughter

A Good Match: A Photo Challenge 

Over the years my very dear friends and I continue to celebrate with a very good match; champagne, a pinch of richness and lots of laughter.

Like all of you, everyone leads busy lives.  The years move on, many have scattered around the country, families grow and it’s not as easy to come together as we used to do.  But, near or far, our friendship continues and is typically celebrated with something sparkling paired with decadent culinary surprises.

For those interested in learning more about how to select and serve your choice of bubbly you can read more here at WikkiHow.

Looking forward to our next get together!

Cheers, Ladies!


I reached out to my very good girlfriend for sparkly glasswhere (she always has the prettiest table settings!) and she recommended Roost Brand. She even gave me a beautiful website where you can purchase some lovely items- Scarlett Alley.  Happy Shopping! 

8 thoughts on “Sparkles, A Pinch of Richness and Lots of Laughter

  1. I’m currently in search of new sparkly glassware for our summer get together. I have lots of sparkling bubbly on hand and researching some new culinary delights! Loving your blogs!

    1. I’m drawing a blank on these beautiful glasses my girlfriend gave each of us. I’ll dig it up and let you know the name… they are so pretty. Thank you for the encouraging words! Cheers!

      1. Hi! I added the glassware link my girlfriend shared with me . The brand is Roost. The glasses are a bit on the higher price point but they are lovely. Cheers!

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