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Wrong Bus

“Honey, never forget you’re awesome… you’re just sitting in the wrong seat, on the wrong bus,” my girlfriend said,  consoling me.  Wrong bus. I’m banging on the door, begging the bus driver to stop so I don’t miss my stop. He ignores me and keeps driving. The more I beg to get off, the faster… Read More Wrong Bus

Around The Next Corner

Who Loves Reading?

I’ve been immersed this week in one of my most indulgent past times – reading. I almost had forgotten the pleasure I get from losing myself inside familiar pages read over and over again but always feeling new. Rediscovering favorites on my bookshelf has sort of derailed my plans to purge the shelves. Instead the… Read More Who Loves Reading?

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How My Mother Saw Me

Going through an old file I stumbled upon my mothers papers, yellow and wrinkled from age. She’s been gone now for over 25 years and I still miss her. The loss of someone you love never goes away, it just becomes apart of you – ghostly memories that resurrect themselves, like now. Slipping into her… Read More How My Mother Saw Me