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After A Few Technical Issues I'm finally Back Online


Heelllooooo Friends!

It has been a doozy of a ride the last month or so. I have changed jobs, moved thousands of miles to the Lower 48, selling a house, buying a house and to top it off Mercury was in retrograde!


All this means is that for some crazy, glitchy reason is my WordPress login didn’t work… and I wasn’t receiving any emails from WordPress either to reset my password. Go figure! I logged a help ticket, I tried over the weeks (between all the other to-do items) to reset my password but nothing worked.

“Breathe, just breathe through it,” has become my go to mantra of late.

In a one last ditch effort, I ran a global search on “WordPress” in my email and guess what? I had an email in my trash! The email is being delivered to my trash… who knew that an email can bypass your inbox, bypass your junk/spam folder and go directly to trash. Lesson learned, friends, when all else fails check your trash!



Share your thoughts...sending you peace, love, happiness!