July’s Adventure @ Monument, Colorado

And I’m off! Well, almost… I’m at IAH making my way to Monument, Colorado for a girl’s weekend. I can’t wait to see these fabulous ladies! 

As the years have past my friendships have grown more precious. Life and distance keeps us apart much of the time. But when we do get together the goofy laughter, pure unadulterated fun melts away the time apart refreshing my soul. I’m disappointed that a few can’t join us (you know who you are) but it’s hard to bring all of us together from all parts of the States. I’m going to miss you! But I’ll share what I’m allowed too. LoL 

The stories and the misadventures (mostly mine) we share can still make me blush and grin in a no-apology-required-way. Because I know they love me unconditionally and I can already hear Beyoncé say, “oh no, there goes Boots!”  

But almost 2 decades have passed since we all came together and those same years have slowed me down. I’m not that newly divorced 30 year old, from long ago, eager to explore life and not willing to settle down. Instead I seek quieter shelters, earlier bedtimes and more hugs from my granddaughter. I traded my boots in for sandals this trip but I can’t promise that Adventure won’t find us minus the boots. 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the unconditional acceptance that we all share. These ladies are a shelter in the storm. Treasure your friendships. Accept your differences, embrace the joy and laughter. 

Time to board. 




Author: April

Journey with me through the next little bit to find the joy hidden just beneath the everyday moments. Let's unearth fun! We can be archeologists of our own lives. Let's spread cheer into the ordinary. Get ready, set, go!

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