A Week Ago Thursday

“You are blessed not because you work hard, but you are blessed because you do right and treat other people right.”
― Kyos Magupe

Last Thursday we were preparing for Hurricane Harvey. Most local folks I talked to reassured me not to worry about it, that the media was all hype. I’m grateful my daughter, who is a natural caregiver, convinced me otherwise and we stocked up on groceries. At first I grumbled (I haven’t spent that much on groceries in I don’t know when),  but now, a week later, we are still well stocked, although a little short on fresh vegetables and fruits… but that’s all minor in the grand scheme of things.

Blessed, grateful, thank you. These words have become a litany, a prayer of sorts. Its hard to watch or read the news reports about the devastation around us.  I am proud of the community, the city, the nation of people coming together helping out those in desperate times. Its going to take a long time to come back from this but it’ll happen. the city, the state, the people are resilient. Its just going to take time and a lot of resources.

To be fair, I have been less enamored with Houston, since arriving a few months ago, but I also know myself well enough to know its just I’m not use to living in a major city (Its me – not you, Houston). Maybe I should say I’m less enamored of the driving, the heat and the ongoing aggressive crush of people always in a hurry and with little kindness to be spared. But witnessing the turn out of stranger helping stranger has softened my opinion. I doubt if I will ever enjoy the staggering amount of crazy on the interstate (I’m sure it will be worse in the future, since much of the roads will be undergoing repairs).

All in all, I don’t regret the move here (maybe I’m the crazy one?) – despite the adjustment to the fourth largest city, its crazy traffic and now, one of the largest natural disasters its ever seen, I still feel enormously grateful to be here. I am blessed. I am so thankful that my family is safe, that the rain has stopped, that the sun is out, and that the city is coming together to help those in need.

If you want to help:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

To make a financial donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts contact these charities:

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Deer Sighting

I just saw a deer skimming along the sidewalk outside my window. My desk at home faces the window, giving me a view of the outside world while working from home. I just switched my office all up earlier this week, while the rain poured outside, to chase away the rainy blues. I love it. But I never expected to see a deer meandering along the sidewalk in the city, especially outside my front door! I tried to capture a picture from my iPhone but wasn’t quick enough (dang it!).

It reminds me of the moose and bear in Anchorage that would cross the street in front of cars or play across the street from my Government Hill home. But a deer? In Houston? It can only be due to the immense flooding surrounding the area pushing the creature towards dry ground. Lucky for us (and the deer), this neighborhood has been untouched by the flooding surrounding us.

Just one block over, in Barkers Branch, some homes have flooded.  The Addicks Reservoir has continued to push its way towards homes along it’s overflowing banks. The rain has stopped (a blessing) and the sun is peaking out. Its a beautiful morning and nothing like the last few days.

Friends, I have work to do, but before I close I want to share this just for fun…we can all use a little fun to start the day out, right!?!

The Deer Spirit Animal

When you have the deer as spirit animal, you are highly sensitive and have a strong intuition. By affinity with this animal, you have the power to deal with challenges with grace. You master the art of being both determined and gentle in your approach. The deer totem wisdom imparts those with a special connection with this animal with the ability to be vigilant, move quickly, and trust their instincts to get out the trickiest situations.

What’s your spirit animal?



Day 4: Rain Continues

The sound of rain sent me to sleep, woke me up multiple times through the night and continues to fall as I step out of the front door to check the street. No rising waters. The drains are working. I’m so lucky. Blessed really. I’ve lost count of all the reasons why this home purchase has been such a blessing. But God continues to take care of me and my little family, especially when I just took a leap of faith and bought the place. After all it was close to work and I didn’t really have to get on the interstate. It was a win – now in more ways than one. Power is on. We are dry. We have enough provisions to manage.

Thank you, Lord. And thank you all for the prayers.


Isolated rainfall totals from Harvey could be up to 50 inches by later this week. That’s not good. Yesterday checking the Harris Count Flood Warning site the two water sheds that sit on either side of me were already overflowing. This morning the rain sensor is storm damaged, according to the site, and unable to provide status. Let’s just hope that there is enough land between those overflowing channels and this neighborhood to absorb that water.

Pictures of massive flooding around the City of Houston are flying around the web. But people are coming out in droves to help those in need. Its a testament to the goodness in this world when you watch strangers helping strangers. Its an anxious time. Yet the city is coming together.

If you want to help:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

To make a financial donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts contact these charities:

Prayers to all impacted! Let’s hope this turns around soon.



Lightning Strikes Tonight

Rain pelts my window in a torrent of sound, my room flashes and dims with the lightening. I lay curled against a pillow while the rumble of thunder shakes the house around me like a freight train.

Welcome to Texas.

Hurricane Harvey arrived last night South of us, hitting Corpus and the surrounding area. My prayers go out to all those folks hard hit. And those same prayers follow those of us left in the residual fall out. Being as this is my first full fledge hurricane, I probably didn’t prepare like I should have. Listening to the locals express little concern and not to worry about it too much, my phone’s constant tornado warnings are mocking me as I lay in the dark listening to the storm rage outside. I should have picked up ice just in case, but by the time I’d thought about it the stores were sold out. Next time… let’s hope next time is very far in the future.

This new house is being tested. At least we will know how well it was built when it’s all said and done. After the tornado warnings, my biggest concern is the flash floods. There goes my phone again, only this time it’s a flash flood warning. I’m not in a flood area, per say. The neighborhood just sits in the middle of a square of designed drainage areas that just happens to flood the roads. Since I’ve lived here a whopping six weeks, my neighborhood, which I fondly refer to as Armageddon, has been surrounded by water on all four sides, leaving us cut off from going anywhere for a day. I imagine we’re in for the same, but maybe for a few more days.

I did stock up on groceries and water. I figure I’ll bake through the storm and as long as power and Netflix holds out we will have a movie marathon or something like that. Maybe I’ll even get back to writing. This move has shaken me up a bit. It’s small things like hurricanes and big things like self adjusting to a new world of heat, crazy drivers and a crush of meanness that has zapped me, leaving me with little energy to do much except drag myself through the days.

But I’m learning to navigate. I’m finding ways around the discomfort. It helps that I’m in my new home, a sanctuary of calm that centers me from the outside crazy. I’ve always been this way though, I have an insatiable need to have my home life settled and sorted, before I’m much good for anything else. And it’s almost there. Almost.

Send a few prayers to Texas if you have a mind to. There’s a whole lot of people that needs them about now.




Turning 50 on the cusp of the eclipse has me hitting the pause button, taking time, literally and figuratively, to evaluate the things that aren’t working and to be open to new beginnings. As I begin this new decade I want to do it with intention. I don’t want to sleep walk through it like I have so many other times. I want to be conscience of the good… the blessings in the everyday moments. I want to love and be loved unconditionally. This is my intention for the next year, the next decade and beyond.