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Hint of Fall Is In The Air

Day 4 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Stepping outside this morning to take the trash to the curb, a crisp autumn breeze greeted me. It caught me by surprise. Instead of the normal Houston heat I’ve grown use to, a cool 60 degree early morning dawned. I paused, inhaling deeply, savoring the crisp air, goosebumps rising along my bare arms. I smiled knowing that this quiet happiness was a wonderful gift to start my day. And that it wouldn’t last long, according to the native Houstonians, cool days are rare jewels in a long string of hot.

2 thoughts on “Hint of Fall Is In The Air

  1. I remember Houston heat. Not too different from the humidity we have here in Singapore! How lovely to have enjoyed a breath of cool this morning! Taking out the trash does have its bright spots!

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