Culinary Delights

Day 7 – One Week #100HappyDay Challenge

“Don’t lose yourself in the temporary.”

I heard that quote earlier today and it struck a cord. How many times have I let the temporary chaos of the daily grind bury me in noise, making me lose sight of what’s really important?

This happiness challenge has made me pause every day to reflect on my life, the little moments that tend to be the big moments, all sparkly and shining nuggets of happiness hidden amongst the ordinary. Sometimes those nuggets are buried deep, so deep I have to do a bit of mining to discover the jewel. But it’s always there somewhere.

I’ve been a bit under the weather. I’m not a fan of taking prednisone but the doctor recommended a low dose over 3 days. 3 -2-1. Alrighty then, anything to snap me out of this. So I started it yesterday and had the worse sleep of my life last night, but it gave me lots of time to think about things. One thought led to another until memories of the most delicious cranberry-orange biscuit I had from the The Silos Baking Co. in Waco began to haunt my sleepless night. And that biscuit-cross-scone was a warm happy memory but Waco is way too far to drive for a treat, especially at 4 in the morning.

Grabbing my iPad I scoured the web for a recipe. I know, I know… but baking makes me happy. As luck would have it I found one copy cat recipe here at cookingwithJacque. Looks like she loved visiting the Silos as well! Check out her blog. Great tips and recipes.

I popped up and decided that I’d rather bake than toss and turn. I have to be honest, I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter. I used fresh oranges and juiced them since I didn’t have orange concentrate. Same goes for the cranberries. Other than that I had the supplies on hand.

Like all biscuits, when putting the dough together the less you handle it the better. Be gentle. And don’t over bake. Pull them out as they turn a light golden color… over baking will turn your biscuits into hockey pucks! LoL!

This really was a wonderful way to start the morning. Just the wafting scent of citrus, flour and butter magically floating in the air seemed to make me feel better. Add a warm cup of tea and my morning shaped up much better than my night.

I’ll definitely makes these again but I would cut the sugar to a tablespoon or so. Especially when drizzling them with the yummy orange glaze. I found these just a tad too sweet for me but it’s almost sacrilegious not to eat them without the glaze. And I loved the fresh tart contrast of the cranberries. This helped cut some of the sweetness. I was only wishing I had added more of the cranberries. If you like the sweeter side of things then stick to the recipe. If not, toss in lots of fresh cranberries and cut the sugar. Either way… it’s a melting-buttery-mouthful-happiness bite.



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