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Day 10 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Coming home this afternoon when I opened the door I was instantly met with the fragrant scent of stargazers. They made me smile…. a great happiness moment to share.

Sharing daily happy happenings have made me realize that most of my moments are so small and almost microseconds. They are brief blips that flash by to be quickly eclipsed by the every day stuff that makes up my day. That being said, I’m more aware of those blips of sparkle.

Like today, my day in the office seemed to fly by but while slipping down to the cafeteria in search of a bite, I slowed down to enjoy the bright sunshine and the lively conversation rising and falling like waves of happiness in the light filled room. Just a microsecond of recognition but it made me smile.



4 thoughts on “Microseconds

    1. I think participating in this challenge is bringing more awareness to all those little things that in the past escaped me. An upside on looking at the brighter side of life. Thanks for the feedback. It keeps me motivated!

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