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What's Your Purpose?

Day 11 – #100Happy Day Challenge

Patti Clark @thiswayup posted an insightful blog about finding purpose. The Universe has a way of messaging to me lately in odd, almost serendipitous ways. I woke suddenly from a dream I can’t remember (up way too early – again), sat up, and a popular book from years ago popped into my head, ” The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. And then, cup of coffee in hand, I browsed on my iPad and stumbled on Patti’s blog. Purpose. It’s following me! LoL

Maybe it materialized by an earlier phone call with my son the evening before? He shared his accomplishments at work, expressing his happiness and sense of pride of working with his coworkers during a floor move. Its been a long time since I’ve heard honest to goodness happiness in his voice when talking about his job. He said it felt good to be recognized for being good at his job. I know that he is good at what he does. It’s a gift. And, that once upon a time ago, he knew that too. He’s rediscovering his purpose. And with purpose, happiness.

Thoughts of my upcoming travel plans, the enjoyment and satisfaction of being part of a community of cruisers, sent my mind down the path of all the times I felt real joy. When I step outside of myself and find community in a common goal I can feel the happiness meter tick up. It’s those times when I’m working with others, helping, accomplishing an activity is when I’m at my best. I’m realizing these last few months, moving to a bustling, chaotic city, a new job, single without significant relationships, has stripped me of my sense of community and purpose.

Bare with me, at times I’m a bit slow, maybe because it’s not really my nature to feel this nagging discontentment. Or that this is the first time in over thirty years that I’m on my own. Really on my own…my kids are grown and off on their own making lives (happy ones, I pray) and it’s just me. But I remember hearing that recognizing the problem is the first step to finding a solution. Purpose. The concept is floating everywhere around me. Perhaps it is time to pay attention and rediscover what that means for me?



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