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The Start to A Spooktaculious Mexico Halloween Cruise

Day 14 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Hello Galveston!

I’m leaving Houston behind for a week to inject some fun into my very solitary life. But before I get into that can I just say prepping for all this fun is hard work! Car serviced, check. Mani/pedi, check. Hair, check. Dresses, check. Shoes, check. House cleaned; check. Laundry, check. Passport, check. Tickets printed, check. Sheesh….and I’m sure I’m missing something!

Too late now. I’ve checked into the Holiday Inn on the seawall in Galveston. The ocean and sunshine is deceptively beautiful but the gusty wind has a chill autumn zing to remind me it’s the end of October. Brrr

The 90 minute drive took its toll on me a bit. As I lay on the hotel bed relaxing into the softness I can feel the lack of sleep and busy days catch up to me. I’m going to resort to a half of cup of coffee and hope the caffeine will revive me. Dinner and then the pre-cruise party is right around the corner and I need to get ready. 😝

But before I do anything I have to share my happiness moment with you! Miss R is Queen of the Ladybugs! TaaaDaaa! She makes my heart flutter with so much love. I just love this kid!

I’m blessed, and grateful to have such a wonderful grandchild… LoL. I’m not bias at all, right!?! With everything going on she is and will always be my brightest, happiest moments when they come… because soon she will be grown and these minutes will fade far too quickly!



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