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Playing With Monkeys

Day 18 – #100HappyDays Challenge

Rotand, Honduras


I can cross ziplining off my bucket list And between you and me, I will not go again in a third world country in the heat, without water and proper safety gear. I enjoyed ziplining but not the wait for the entire group to catch up, while sweltering in the heat and trapped without water.

This Alaska girl got a bit cranky with heat exhaustion until I finally told the guys I had to get down immediately or I needed water. I was vocal and could feel the heat crawl up my skin and knew it wasn’t time to be quiet. The “monkeys” (their term for the guides) promised me they would get water up for us. The entire group cheered and clapped when the water arrived.

Earlier over coffee T had commented on my happy nature and then asked what bothers me. I was honest and told him I’m not that great with groups. I get impatient. While ziplining he lining he got to see me at my worst. LoL. I was hot, not my best and was insistent. It was that or crash from heat exhaustion. Hello! He was good with me. We skipped the beach and headed back to the ship.

My happy moment today was enjoying a vodka mojito, over lots of ice, no sugar, after we made it back to the ship.


It was 70s night. Everyone came out in style. The guys surprised me in platform boots, sparkling shirts and bell bottom pants. I had expected to see ladies in jumpsuits, gogo boots and minidresses and they didn’t disappoint either. But that’s night the guys eclipsed the ladies in their 70s attire.


The formal dinner followed In the dining room. As creatures of habit, we found the same seats as the night before. T’s  bigger than life personality dominated the table. I found myself retreating inside of myself exhausted from the day, the 2 hour dinner running long and I began looking for a quick exit. But T wanted to go to the game show Love and Marriage. I went, even though I was beginning to wilt from the long day. My bed began to look really good half way through the show. Afterwards I begged out of going dancing. It was almost midnight and I knew I didn’t have the energy for the bump and grind club upstairs. As he walked me to my room he told me he could tell I just wasn’t that interested in him. My heart cinched just a bit because maybe it was true, I didn’t have the stamina for the late party nights and pounding night clubs. Awe well. We hugged. And didn’t make plans for coffee in the morning.

So here I am feeling a bit sad mulling over the short lived friendship. Has this ever happened to you? But the more time we spent together the more I found our interest would merge and then quickly diverge. He is larger than life, the center of attention and, well, I’m not. I prefer sipping sparkling water or a glass of wine enjoying live music at the small bars sprinkled on the ship. I like watching the sun come up turning the ocean sky soft blue. I love being led in the arms of a man on a dance floor, two step, swing, waltz… it doesn’t matter as long as we skip the loud, pulsing bump and grind music in a club with 20 something’s

Moderation. I like moderation. I firmly believe that a little bit of anything is good but a lot of something will get you in trouble. My appetite is light. I suppose that goes for all aspects of my life.

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