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Day 19 – #100HappyDays Challenge

Day 5 – Costa Meya

I discovered the first day aboard the ship that the Plaza bar in the Wind Jammer Cafe has the best coffee. There’s hardly anyone ever there and the barista makes a mean cappuccino. In just a few days we greet each other like old friends and he never disappoints. You have to love a man like that.

This morning I’m at a table for one, my earbuds in, listening to music, enjoying my own company. The first time in days. I think the last few days have been sensory overload? I’m posing it as a question because I honestly don’t know why I’m seeking my own company.

Many of the folks in the singles group are meeting early today and heading to the beach. I’m not. My fair skin can’t handle the baking in the sand so I skipped this excursion.

Today I’m going to enjoy the day on my own. I might wander into town to browse shops but I really don’t need anything. In a nutshell I’ll let the day unfold and try not to worry about how I might have hurt T’s feelings last night.

My breakfast view was fabulous!


It was country western theme night. Lots of hats and boots showed up. I enjoyed taking a spend on the dance floor and met a few more people. I skipped the formal dinner. Just couldn’t see myself sitting for another 2 hour meal. I ran into a few others that felt the same way and we ended up getting pizza and sandwiches. Yay for pizza!

I headed to my cabin around midnight only to discover A (she’s a part of our group and a nurse) trying to help a slightly (ok, a very) inebriated lady to her room. Between the two of us we got her to her cabin on deck 2. I’m not sure why she was on 8. I gave her my bottle of water I had just bought. I hope she drank it or she’s not going to feel that good in the morning. Whew. What a night.

My happy moment was being there to help.

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