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Airport Mind Chatter

#Day33 – #100HappyDays Challenge

I watch the rolling cart drive by carrying a half a dozen passengers, the driver raising his voice in a strange singsong trill, alerting the startled people in front of the motorized vehicle, who are toting luggage or rolling bags in zigzag lines, scurrying to the side trying to avoid being ran over. “He needs a bell or a horn or something,” I think, looking on from the safety of my seat.

A little boy skates by on what looks like a small child’s suit case secured magically to the front end of a skateboard. What I can only imagine is his little sister, both with longish, blond hair and matching grins, skates close behind him, only her board was pink. Two frantic adults race after them. My money is on the kids.

A man tugs on a long salt and pepper beard, a black felt hat sits on top of his head, strides purposely towards the gate. He reminds me of a farmer with worn jeans and work boots. But what kind of farmer rolls his jeans into neat cuffs to brush against his boots? I’m confused.

A baby toddles across the polished floor, his mother following inches away trying to keep him distracted. He waves his chubby hands at the people sidestepping around him. I’m impressed with how calm the young mother is. I don’t ever remember being that relaxed with a toddler. I’m so grateful those days are behind me.

A long queue of people line up in front of the gate long before any boarding call. Why? I sit watching the queue get longer. Do they think the plane will leave without them?

These and other thoughts tumble around my mind, their sharp edges worn smooth from the churning current of the absurd mind chatter. I sip my coffee enjoying people watching.

Today’s happy moment is arriving in Des Moines. There is nothing better than spending time with those you love.

Here’s to a week with my son!



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