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Turn A Light On

Day 43 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Sunday errands complete, I arrived home with a happy find – guest room lamps! I braved HomeGoods this morning for a rolling pin since I haven’t found mine since the move and decided I needed to replace it. Anyway, as I wandered the store I discovered a pair of lamps that will work upstairs.

That being said, it’s time to buckle down and review my budget (which I’ve decimated with travel and the Holidays). All these little extra finds are adding up. Does that ever happen to you? I try not to wait until the new year to revisit my budget. By then I will need a stern talking to and banned from shopping for the foreseeable future. Who am I kidding. I think I’m there right now. It’s time to put my wallet away. Thank goodness my holiday shopping is done.



2 thoughts on “Turn A Light On

    1. Thanks – I’m so grateful to have found them at reasonable prices! And they work in the room. Trying to get it ready for when my family visits at Christmas.

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