Coming Home

Teetering on the edge of a new year

Day 74 – #HappyDay Challenge

The Holidays are winding down. The girls left today, heading home. I miss them already. We had a fun, easy Christmas.

I asked Miss R what was her favorite Christmas present. She confidently announced her Hatchimal, a tiny inexpensive toy, and her Fingerling monkey. Go figure!



My favorite present was spending time with my girls. Watching movies, eating way too much and relaxing in our togetherness.

I put away the Christmas decorations with my daughter’s help earlier today. I can’t help myself – I think I’m a little OCD with a few things. I tend to put my tree up right after Thanksgiving and then everything is put away the day after Christmas. Like clockwork.

It feels good though. I like to start the New Year out with a clean slate. Or at least a clean house.

Do you have plans for New Years? I think it’s a Netflix and pajama night for me…,



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