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Girls Are Home

Day 67 – #HappyDay Challenge I can’t express how happy I am… let’s just say that the world always feels better with family around. Here’s to the start of Christmas!

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Saving Money @ Macy’s

Day 66 – #100HappyDay Challenge Over the last few years, retailers have experienced a surge in online shopping. The good news; there are a few who are exceptionally good at it with easy, and often times, FREE shipping. Its a win! As an example check Macy’s out. They are practically giving merchandise away. Macy’s is… Read More Saving Money @ Macy’s

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Last Day to Save $$$

Day 64 – #100HappyDay Challenge Saving money is ALWAYS a good thing. Bargain Bombshells website has a slew of money saving coupons. What’s even better, is signing up for a free couponing class offered. Kim walks you through all the tricky bits on her website and in her class. If you want to save some… Read More Last Day to Save $$$

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Take A Minute

Day 61 – #100HappyDay Challenge Do you have lots going on? Yeah, it’s the season that can get the best of you. Take time to breathe. Relax. Inhale peppermint. Sip a cup of tea. Just remember it’s ok to just be. Cheers! ❤️

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Feeling Blessed

Day 59 – #100HappyDay Challenge Its been a full day at an offsite meeting for work. My brain is muddled due to information overload. But I’m feeling blessed. Life is good.