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4 Steps to Say Goodbye to 2017 Before Greeting 2018

Day 78 – #100HappyDay Challenge

It’s a brand new year! I’m so excited. I hope you are too. But before we launch into this exciting new year and all of its potential don’t forget to take time to consciously review 2017’s lessons and blessings. 2017 was a wild ride. I know personally for myself 2017 was a BIG year for change.

If you look at the year on a global perspective, it almost makes soap operas look normal. You can’t turn on the news without hearing about #MeToo  sexual harassments or politicians tweeting…its just ugly. There has been a lot of ugliness. Its time to let go. Its time to clear out the negative funk of the last year, and to open up to new possibilities of 2018. Here are just a few ways to go about it:

  1. Clear the air. Open doors, open windows letting clean air sweep through your home clearing the air. Yes, especially if its cold outside and you’ve been shut up in stuffy rooms. Let that 2017 energy go, replaced by 2018’s fresh, chilled air. Breathe.
  2. Tidy up. Sweep your floors. Don’t forget your front entry way to allow positive energy to flow.
  3. Remove clutter. You’ll instantly feel better. Not only will you feel better but you also open room to receive more of what you really love.
  4. Count your blessings! Expressing gratitude for 2017’s blessings and lessons allows us to greet 2018 on a positive note. It reaffirms life’s goodness. It neutralizes the negative, allowing love and light into our heart. What a fantastic way to greet a brand new year.

Best Year of My Life

I really want to make this the best year of my life. Are you feeling me? We can do this…we have it in us. We can embrace gratitude and abundance, letting it run away with us straight into a world of happiness. It takes focus. Which isn’t always easy. Check out the tickle your soul questions I shared in an earlier blog that might help launch you into your best year ever.

My focus for 2018 is living a joyful life, knowing I am worthy of love. This message has popped up over and over again for me lately. So here’s to a fabulous 2018 filled with abundance of joy and love!

Sending you all love and happiness.




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