Coming Home

Pushing The Limits

Day 82 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Patience often eludes me when I need it most. It’s Saturday afternoon in Houston and I swear to you every person that CANNOT drive is out. My son offered to drive home. That’s when I know I’m at my worse.

We made it home safe and sound, had a bite to eat watching Mozart in the Jungle and I’m mulling over why I’m so challenged when it comes to patience. This is NOT the way to live my best year ever. Sigh. But I am considering it my happiness moment.

Patience is an art. It’s an attribute, a skill, that I sooo admire. I want to achieve this admirable trait but unsure how the heck to do it within the congested city roadways. How do I obtain the height of zen at my worst? Eye rolling… I’m working on it.

Im getting better. At least that’s what I tell myself when the countless driver cuts into my lane, no blinker, of course. I’m often left wondering if car manufacturers in this city disabled blinkers because NOBODY uses blinkers.

See, me at my worst.


My very good girlfriend gave me a lovely car fragrance which has helped tremendously; stress ease. I adore the eucalyptus scent. Its calming. I may need a bucket of it… and a bit more practice in the art of zen.

Sending you love and lots of happiness.


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