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Are You “Happy”?

Day 83 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Over the last eighty some odd days focusing on happiness has pushed me to think about things a little differently. Maybe a lot differently depending on the day.

Growth opportunities come in all shapes and sizes. And sometimes it takes time.

I took on this Challenge in hopes to become happier. I wanted to grow – to be a better person. The jury is still out as I round the corner heading towards the finish line.

As I was hanging out a few days ago with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in years I admitted that I was looking forward to ending this challenge. I paused to admire a pair of heels and snapped a picture.

It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed the topic but the irony of it all is recognizing those special moments conflict with the scramble of snapping pictures and trying to post every single day.

Every single day.

For 100 days.

I’ve grown in some ways, regressed in others. I’ve written, I’ve focused. But between you and me I can’t honestly say I’ve grown happier. That was the premise, right?

What do to?

Carry on. Can’t quit now.

Share the bits of my day like this snap of Mr. Abraham, mid chew, that made us laugh. He’s not a very accommodating model.

And this snap of a gluten free breakfast shared with my son on his last day with me before he heads back to Iowa. Like always, visits are way too short.

My last snap to share on today’s happiness post is this beautiful bedding that will go into my guest bedroom. My son is helping me bring to life an awkward space before he leaves. I want this room to evoke beauty and comfort for everyone that visits. Look for more to come as the space grows into a welcoming haven. This makes me happy.

As always, sending you love and happiness!


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