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Full Steam Ahead 2018

Day 85- #100HappyDay Challenge

Like the dwarves singing in Snow White, off to work we go, happy, energy vibrated throughout the day.

I’m loving it.

Diving head first into my work week was exactly what I needed to shake me out of the slower Holiday pace I had indulged (stuck?) in for the last few weeks. My roots needed a shift. And this was it.

The office energy was ramped up, everyone rested and eager to jump start the new year. I didn’t realize how much I needed this zap of collective energy until I stepped into the buzzing office. I mentally stretched my muscles happy to be back in the game.

We all need periods of rest, to recharge and center ourselves. But, like the seasons, periods of busy activity sowing seeds is just as rewarding.

I’m so excited about 2018. It feels good.

It’s an opportunity for us to co-create a new reality by sowing seeds. The kind of seeds you sow are up to you. I suggest a packet of Love, a few rows of patience, with perseverance sprinkled in. Before you know it a bountiful garden will blossom.

Sending you love and happiness!


5 thoughts on “Full Steam Ahead 2018

  1. My garden will grow: Love, Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, and to always make room for growth.

    Happy 2018!!

    Make it count!!

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