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❤️ Bookstores & Coffee

Day 89 – #100HappyDay Challenge

The scent of books and coffee welcomed me as I entered one of my favorite places this morning…Barns and Noble.

I ❤️ bookstores. I always have.

One of my first memories is being curled up underneath a white canvas tent, buried in blankets, our temporary shelter, with a book from school. I was in kindergarten.

Even back then, reading was a retreat from the world – especially when it all goes caddy whompous.

There is a trend on the magazine shelves. I picked up a stack of magazines all focused on wellness, journaling and happiness. It’s trending! I sat down, coffee in hand, and fell into their pages.

I paused to snap a picture of the Magnolia Journal and sent it to my girlfriend. Her daughter is enamored with Chip and Joanna. It’s a well laid out magazine with lovely articles and design ideas. I think a subscription may be in her future.

I lose time in bookstores. It’s as if I am sucked into a magical, timeless world, emerging only when my stomach growls or my phone buzzes. I finally selected a few, reluctantly replacing the others back in the shelves.

A friend sent me a text asking me if I had plans tonight. Yes, I said. But I didn’t tell him what I was doing.

Here’s to a lovely Saturday evening!

Sending you love and happiness.


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