10 Minute Rule – my gratitude list of 50

Day 92 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Last year I participated along with many others in the gratitude challenge from Tales From the MotherLand. I was brand new to WordPress.com and messed the linking up terribly. Dawn came to my rescue. She’s so wonderful. If you haven’t visited her blog – go! You will love her posts and wittiness.

This gratitude list is late this year. I hope I’m not too late. And I haven’t taken time to pretty it up. Maybe I should. Naaaa

Honestly, as I sat down, started the ten minute timer I was uncertain I would come up with anything near 50. But God, Spirit had other plans and I landed on 51…such a sense of humor!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this for a year. Only now, I’ve moved onto WordPress.org…let’s hope this is the last platform change for a few years. I’d like to become proficient enough to be able to link items or respond to comments without messing those up.

Anyway, this year she extended the time to 15minutes. I just saw that but I jotted my gratitudes down in 10 minutes so I know it can be done. I did this quickly, and just let the thoughts fly. They are raw. They are honest. And here they are in all their unfiltered truth:

  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. Pancakes and bacon
  4. Home
  5. A job to pay for the home
  6. Travel
  7. New places to explore
  8. Hipsters
  9. Brunch
  10. Creative outlets
  11. Boots
  12. Fresh flowers
  13. Warm Texas weather
  14. Sunshine
  15. My bed!
  16. Lazy weekends
  17. Cruising in the middle of the ocean
  18. Paris
  19. iPhone
  20. iPad
  21. Medicine
  22. Doctors
  23. My car
  24. Heart opening joy
  25. Silk scarves
  26. Fresh basil
  27. Gardens
  28. Letters
  29. Pictures
  30. Camera
  31. Hugs
  32. Kisses from Miss R
  33. Out of blue text messages
  34. Bubble bath
  35. Epson salts and crystal
  36. Sparkly things
  37. Books all kind!
  38. Comfy throws
  39. Pajama days
  40. Coffee
  41. Tea as a second
  42. Lip gloss
  43. Perfume
  44. Netflix
  45. Collaboration
  46. Road trips
  47. Play list
  48. Podcasts
  49. Adventures
  50. Long talks with girlfriend
  51. A date

Here’s to gratitude!

Sending you love and happiness!


8 thoughts on “10 Minute Rule – my gratitude list of 50

  1. April, welcome back! You are NOT too late, though I extended it last night, so you would have been. Something told me there were some more grateful people out there, so I extended the deadline until the end of the month… and voilá, here you are! Such a wonderful list, filled with things I forgot, but also enjoy in my life–– adventures, podcasts, talks with girlfriends, comfy throw, etc and ones we share. This never gets old; I’m already planning for next year, so be sure to check back at TFTM in the first week of January! Happy New Year, I’m grateful for your wonderful participation!

    1. PS) you might have missed it, but this year’s “rules” allowed for 15 minutes, and I forgot to say that I’ve added your name and a link to your post, to the bottom of my post, with the others from this year. 🙂

      1. Thank you! You’re so awesome. I love following your posts – very encouraging! I hope that 2018 is a kinder, gentler year for you! Sending you happiness. ❤️

    1. Thank you so much. What an exercise! The list is a raw peek into my life – unfiltered, unpolished. Kind of like me on any given day. LoL. Really appreciate your words and can’t express how much it means to me that you read the post. 🙏💕 sending you happiness!

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