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3 Easy To Do Self Care Tips

Day 91 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Self care is not a luxury. Its something that we, as living beings, should do as a normal part of our routine. Unfortunately, for many of us, especially women, self care is something that comes as an after thought. It’s on our to-do list but something we rarely get to.

Darling, it’s time.

If you don’t take care of yourself, you wont have the energy or capacity to take care of others.

The trend of wellness is on the rise as I saw browsing at Barns and Noble this last weekend. But reading about it and putting it into practice are two vastly different things. We need to stop studying and start practicing!

I was visiting with my daughter about this very concept earlier. She is a busy mom, wife, aunt, daughter… and those roles have taken priority leaving her spiraling in a dangerous emotional whirlpool. Add depression to the mix and you get a recipe for disaster. I haven’t written about depression or touched on mental illness here but it’s an awful disease that has touched my family. I might revisit this topic later. Food for thought.

All this being said, it’s time for a few self care intervention tips.


Breathe. You have to do it anyways. So why not take a few minutes and focus on your breath and count. You can do this anywhere and at anytime to reap the benefits of calming the nervous system and relaxing taught muscles.

Exercise: Inhaling, mentally count to 4. Hold, count to 2. Exhaling, count to 4. Hold, count to 2. Repeat, letting your breathing slow, relaxing into the cadence. 

There are lots of benefits of breathing (besides keeping us alive) and you can read more at the link or find other breathing exercises that you might like to practice.


Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Your lovely body needs water. In many cases those hunger pangs you are feeling is really thirst. Infused water is easy to put together in 30 minutes (or less depending on your knife skills) plus it has the added health benefits of all those lovely fruits and herbs. Pop over to AllRecipe website to learn tons more about infused water.

My go to mix is citrus+berries+cucumber+mint = yummmy

Tip: Use organic fruits and veggies, oh and filtered water too, if you can. In Alaska I never worried about my tap water but here in the Lower 48 water seems to be a bit iffy out of the tap depending on where you live. 


What better way to treat yourself than an afternoon of pampering yourself at home. This can be tricky and you may have to pack the kids off to grandma’s house and send the hubby out to hang with the guys. But trust me, you deserve a few hours of uninterrupted time in the luxury of your own home.

Exercise: Gather your comfy pajamas along with a favorite read. Turn on your favorite music to relax to. Run a bath, add Epson salt, your favorite essential oil (lavender relaxes), or a favorite bath bomb. Make the bathroom your sanctuary. Light some candles, turn down the light and sink into a tub of pure heaven. Breathe. Close your eyes. Imagine all the stress evaporating into the water. Say an affirmation, prayer, contemplate your blessings. After the bath, moisturize your body from your pretty toes to the tops of your ears. Take your time. Love your body. It works hard for you. Put on your pretty pajamas and climb into bed with your book or just close your eyes and nap. You deserve it.

Please, do me a favor and treat yourself like the love of your life. Care for yourself like you would a lover, a best friend, your child…you deserve it. Put

Sending you all love and happiness.


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