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Life Happens When You’re Making Other Plans’

Day 93 – #100HappyDay Challenge

I’m headed down the finish line and I can almost see the Challenge coming to a close.

Today’s happy moment is finally pushing away from the computer at the end of day 2 of a challenging, impromptu online workshop I’m co-facilitating. A very long day. The thing is this 4 day workshop was suppose to be in person, with people who flew in from other countries to collaborate working towards solutions.

Winter had other ideas. Life happens.

Houston isn’t designed to handle ice and sleet. Even in snow country ice is tricky to navigate. There aren’t any loopholes or quick fixes to get you out of icy jams. So, it’s best to avoid precarious situations altogether if you can.

Even if that means we juggle sessions, cancel catering and beg patience as we work towards delivering a successful outcome. Keeping people safe and sound trumps everything else. We can do it. I’m proud of the project team.

During a break, when I should have been doing something productive like eating lunch, I spent a few minutes exploring some wonderful blogs. There are so many wonderful writers… artists really, out there to explore. Their stories and amazing photos are awe inspiring. I have so much to learn!

Here are a few blogs you might want to visit:






Hey, do me a favor, share blogs you have found inspiring in the comments below. I’d love to check them out and share them with others.

Sending you love and happiness!


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