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❤️ Sale @Nordstrom ❤️

Day 96 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Happy Friday, friends.

What are your spectacular, fabulous plans for this mid-January weekend?

I’m ending my work week on a happy note. It’s been a busy week. It went by in a blink! Don’t you love it!

Tonight I’m enjoying a bit of online window shopping. There is something about indulging my inner shopping diva pursuing  virtual finds.

Who loves Bobby Brown? 


Look what’s on sale! Bobby Brown cosmetics are beautifully formulated. My eyes are super sensitive but Bobby Brown is one of the few makeup lines I can wear that doesn’t leave my eyes itching.



On sale! Who needs a new set of dazzling new MAC brushes!?!  A few year ago I bought a set of MAC brushes and I still have them. I wash my brushes and keep them in a holder but I’m pretty impressed with their staying power.

$12 for Philosophy yummy kit


Love Clinique


Want to sample a few of Clinique’s favorites on sale? Nows the time!  Since moving to Texas I switched from my heavier moisturizer to Clinique Dramatically Difference Moisturize Gel. It saved my life… ok, at least my skin. Try this great kit at an even nicer price.


Do you have a favorite brand? Store? Are you a shoe lover or maybe bags are your thing? By now, I bet you’ve figured out that I ❤️ Nordstrom.

Happy Window Shopping!


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