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Monday Morning Affirmation – I am connected with a higher power.

This morning I drew an affirmation card from my deck of Heart Thoughts cards by Louise Hay.

“I am connected with a higher power” struck such a huge cord with me. Especially now.

Life happens

When life is hard what do you do? How do you pull yourself out of the funk? Do you trust that life supports you even when things are hitting the proverbial fan?

Sometimes we need to get real with ourselves. Shit happens. Sometimes we bring it on. Sometimes a train hits you out of the blue.

How are you going to bounce back from it? Are you going to melt into a puddle or are you made of sterner metal being honed for greater things?

When life gets hard:

  1. Experience it. Slow down. Be with the experience. Be with the shitty feelings. Allow yourself to feel the suck then move on to step 2. Do not get stuck in step 1!
  2. Do not play the shame game. It’s so easy to slip into shaming ourselves. Don’t do it. If you made a mistake own it. But don’t beat yourself up by shaming yourself. Be kind to you! Do not get stuck in step 2.
  3. Look at the larger picture. What’s going on? Tap into your intuition. What do you know is true? Take your time, but when ready move on to step 4.
  4. What part of you will get you out of the hardship? What will get you through it? You are strong. You are amazing. You can do this.
  5. Be with yourself no matter what. Embrace that all is is in Devine order. We are all connected to a Higher Power. Have faith. This too will pass.

Sending you love and happiness.

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Here are Shelley’s simple goals for the month (you can make up your own, follow these, or tweak them how YOU see it fits your life):

  • Capture a photo (or more) a day that makes a heart skip a beat, or race (by running to grab a camera to catch the moment). If you don’t have a camera, prefer describing in words such moments – then do that – or do both!
  • Tag each post with #GFTH-GFTB so I (you) can look back at my (your) progress and remind me (us) to focus on goals that are GFTH-GFTB. These reminders will help me (you) succeed. Include this link back here if you want me to check out your post.
  • When reading posts by a fellow blogger that resonates as a person who gets the GFTH-GFTB goal setting or thinking,  leave a comment and leave the #GFTH-GFTB link on their post or just the #GFTH-GFTB. Is that acceptable or not…I’m not sure but someone will let me know if it isn’t??
  • Have fun, play, learn new things, meet new people, and write about in your journal or blog EVERY day in February!

Happy #GFTH-GFTB February to you!!

Carol’s blog, virtually all is amazingly good for the heart and brain. Go visit for a heart lifting, happy smile.

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Affirmation – I am connected with a higher power.

  1. Right back at you April! Beautiful message, and thank you for joining me in celebrating February. I love your tips on how to approach life when it gets tough!! Sending you peace, love, and happiness!!!

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