Coming Home

My Darling, You Are Loved

Pausing on the threshold, her eyes drifted across the empty space filling it in with memories. The morning sunlight inched through dusty windows trying to chase away unwelcome shadowy corners, reviving the once warm room.

A long sad sigh echoed in the emptiness.

The sunlight flickered then dimmed, puzzled by her hesitation.

The woman slowly approached the large empty fireplace, her footsteps the only sound in the once bustling home that rang with laughter and childish screeches. But that was forever and a day ago.

The sunlight crept behind her casting a glow across the mantle where an envelope sat, a name scrawled across its once white face, now faded a bit with time. It flickered in excitement.

Tentatively she reached for the envelope. The sunlight bounced cheerfully as she gingerly opened the envelope with careful deliberation, not wanting to tear its aged contents.

“My Darling,” she read, the familiar handwriting slanting across the page in loops. “You are loved. I know that life has taken you on a rollercoaster ride, with heart stopping plummets and soaring views from the tops of mountains. It’s been a marvelous ride.

You are probably wondering what’s next?

My Darling, the world is yours. Follow the sunshine. Don’t hide in the shadows of despair. You are worthy of living a grand life beyond what was familiar. Love is yours always, now and forever. Live a life that curls your toes. Sail into the unknown fearlessly because you are loved.

I will tell you a secret…come closer, My Darling, are you ready? Here it is; It’s ok to be afraid.  Yep. It’s just fine to be afraid, but don’t let that stop you. I’ll always be with you. Turn your face to the sun, let the warmth remind you of my arms wrapped around you in a great big bear hug. You will do amazing things. Because you are amazing.

My Darling, you are loved.”

Her hands shook trying to put the letter back into the envelope. She turned toward the window,  her cheeks wet. The sunlight eagerly embracing her, shining warmth onto her chilled skin.


Side Note: I’m playing along with the Good For The Heart – Good For The Brain Challenge #GFTH-GFTB . Interested in playing? Checkout Shelley’s blog Quaint Revival for her guidelines and then stay awhile and indulge in her funny, insightful posts.

Good For The Heart – Good For The Brain (#GFTH-GFTB)

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