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Crushin on Target for Valentines Day

Hello. My name is April. And I have a crush on Target.

Seriously. I may need an intervention.

But since this week is all about LOVE I figured I’d share my Target crush with my dearest friends in this judgement free zone. Right?!?

Spread some love with this Red and Pink Ceramic Coaster Set from Threshold™. How cute are these? I’d use these all year round especially entertaining friends.

Coasters obviously need to have beautiful drink ware to top them. I may have to add these tipsy wine glasses to my collection. What do you think?

HELLO! LUV these adorable mugs. Who wouldn’t want to sip their coffee from these adorable mugs while lovin on their favorite pooch?

What’s Valentine’s Day without some sugar? Take a look at these over the top cute cupcake holders. Don’t they make you want to whip up a batch of oooy gooey chocolate cups cakes? You know the ones, deep dark chocolate with mile high chocolate frosting. Yummm.

I have a very special little girl in my life who will look as sweet as spun sugar in this ruffled T-shirt.

There you have it. This isn’t an exhaustive list. Target has tons of cute things just waiting to be loved.

Sending you love and happiness.


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