Coming Home

Warning: Contents May Contain Adult Content – A Lot of Content

or my alternative title “How The Hell Did I Become An Under The Bathroom Sink Hoarder?”

Travel Planning Begins

It’s Sunday morning and my last opportunity to get my travel toiletry escape kit squared away. I’m planning on spending a long weekend in Vegas with a friend. I’m so excited! It’s been a few months since my last trip and I knew the clutter beneath my bathroom cabinet had been growing. It’s time to pair down. It’s time to simplify.

I just hadn’t realized the stuff had propagated into a hoarders dream.


Am I the only one who has an assortment of razor blades, at least enough to shave my legs for the next few years? Maybe it’s just me, but I have such sensitive skin that I’ve tried different brands, number of blades, sensitive, regular, disposable and the list goes on but I still get razor burns or bumps. So I buy different ones. What can I say, guess the collection may continue until I get it sorted.



The Canyon Ranch Spa @ The Venetian

Why am I cleaning out the copious amounts of products? Besides my need to hand in my hoarders card, I’m putting together a small, freshly curated toiletry kit for a carry on bag. I’m traveling light since I’m only gone a long weekend and want to ensure I’ve paired down my escape kit to the essentials.

My reward for this early Sunday morning fun? A pedicure at the Canyon Ranch Spa at the Venetian. It’s been a year since I’ve relaxed at one of my most favorite spas and I can’t wait to step into it’s relaxed luxury. You can read more about my trip last year at my earlier post. If you haven’t been – go. Even if you don’t book a service, buy a day pass to enjoy the plush amenities.

Did I consolidate an esential travel kit? Yes. And no. I’m still working on it. Any tips? Would love to hear what’s in your travel kit? AnyHOO – I did manage to get my bathroom cabinet sorted. Stay tuned to hear more about my Las Vegas escape kit later this week once I get back to it.

Sending you love and happiness.




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