Stepping Into Fifty

 50 and Counting

What does stepping into fifty look like? As I journey through my first  year of my fiftieth decade I’m beginning to ask a lot of questions. I feel as if I am on the cusp of puberty uncertain of the dramatic changes that I know are in store for me. I’ve heard stories. I’ve read and I’ve imagined and now I’m about to travel into my fifties.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” — Charles Schulz

It’s funny how we all have self images burned into our psyche. The not real and the real collide in my brain like a kaleidoscope shifting and splintering until I’m not quite sure who I am anymore. And I think it’s important to know.

I can tick the easy things off; 50, full-time job that is uncertain, divorced for longer than I was married, a mother of two grown children and a grandmother of an adorable seven-year old little girl. These are the easy things. For years I’ve lived on autopilot. It’s hard to go deeper than that, but it’s time to take a peek at what’s under the hood.


a little more about adventuresnluv

Welcome to my world…a place to explore life, love and all the in-between. It’s a little about nothing and a lot about possibilities. I’m a woman stepping into Fifty, single and living in the Last Frontier, scratch that, Houston, I live in Houston now. I moved, changed jobs and turned fifty in the space of a few months.

Sometimes its amazing to think that I will begin my fifties in Texas, but life is an adventure and you never know where it will take you. Speaking of which, I can’t wait to share a bit of this and a bit of that. I would love to say this blog focuses on a certain genre but I’m too scattered to keep on topic. So, my very dear and new friends,  expect the unexpected because that’s life.

Love, April

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