Flower 🌺 Power

“A flower does not bloom for itself, but for the world; do likewise.”
– Matshona Dhliwayo

Happy Monday, Friends!

On Sunday’s, I’ve developed a little HAPPINESS habit, I drive to Trader Joe’s and buy myself flowers (they have an awesome assortment). This week I selected a bouquet 💐 of beautiful pink and white roses. 

I place the bouquet next to my bedside lamp, letting their soft fragrance lift my spirits in the sterile hotel room that has been my home for 6 weeks now. 

What makes you happy?



By the way, go check out Cees Showcase of Photography for more inspiration! 


Revelations Aren’t Always Easy

And when it happens, it can be sometimes hard to swallow. Like learning little things about yourself that is a bit uncomfortable. Now it doesn’t have to be the drama-life-altering-kind of revelation. Oh no.  In my opinion, it’s all the teeny, tiny revelations that can pile up into one big aha moment. 

I took myself out to a country bar in Katy, TX , called MO’s Place. It’s a little early, only 9pm. But if I stayed in the hotel room any longer I would have just crawled into bed and called it a night. Which I tend to do – a lot. But sometimes I think it’s important to remember I’m single and it’s Saturday night and I need to get out once in awhile. 
But it’s tougher here since I don’t have any going-out-kinda-friends and I’m not exactly  comfortable walking into a bar in Houston on my own. I know – the revelation has me confused too. 

I’m a seasoned traveler. I’ve stepped into foreign pubs, Vegas night clubs, and hole in the wall gems without much thought. And here I am triple thinking my decision to come out to listen to some live music and watch dancers circle the floor at a popular country bar. 

There’s something different from visiting a place to knowing that I now live here. I’m a little more cautious. It’s as if I’m skirting around the edges of the city, dipping a toe into its waters, uncertain which way the tide is flowing. Is it safe? Am I doing the right thing? It’s a dangerous city (don’t watch the news here!). I’m alone. I’m always alone. 

But the night is young. I step into the cavernous dance hall, pay the cover and find a seat at the end of the bar near the stage. I’m sipping a club soda, watching the place fill up with pretty young things in sparkling jeans and preening young men in cowboy hats.  The mating rituals have begun. It makes me smile. I feel extremely ancient. 

I can do this.  The knot in my stomach won’t relax. 

The band is about to start. An hour. I’ll give myself an hour.  

A man asks me to dance. It’s a simple two step. 

It’s time to adult. 

Let’s do this. 


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Home – What Does It Mean To You?

“And then it happens all at once and unexpectedly. That is how things happen, I suppose. You pack your bags and find yourself walking yourself home.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“I just want to go home,” she said longingly. 


Home has as many meanings as there are people. But what is true is for me, is that Home is a place of love and serenity. It is an anchor for my soul as well as for my weary body. Home rejuvenates my mind, body and spirit. Home is my sanctuary. 

What does it mean to you?

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Fleeting Seconds, Lasting Impression 

“Evanescent can be any fleeting moment in time.”

Have you ever noticed random messages popping up in unexpected places? Yes, I can hear the skeptics telling me that we place our own meanings in those fleeting messages. But who cares, right!?! As long as its meaning is a takeaway for you. Just a flicker in time that holds lasting impressions. An effervescent, champagne bubble capturing your attention before disappearing into sweet sparkles. 

Buckleup, Buttercup, it’s going to be a beautiful ride. 



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Slow & Easy

Friday Afternoon

I began my long weekend with a much-needed-vitC-facial. After google researching spas in Katy I landed on the Medispa at Villago.  Google did not let me down. 

Farina was amazing and so kind. I explained my current skin concerns; think stress-filled-climate-change-bipolar-almost-fifty complexion. In a nutshell I was in desperate need of TLC. And, sshhhhhh, I even brought up the suggestion of Botox…. which she gently reassured me that I’m looking pretty good for my age but we’d go slowly. First the vitamin C facial followed by a light chemical peel next month and a consult next month if I’m interested in pursuing injectables. 

We had a plan. 

Tip: If you are in need of some honesty along with a healthy dose of skincare TLC make an appointment for a consultation. 

Saturday Morning

Promising Fariba that I would stay completely out of the sun and avoid exercising for the weekend my weekend activities were a bit limited. Especially with the hot Texas sun. 

But I just couldn’t sit in my hotel room – blame it on a little ADD. 

After spraying sunscreen liberally on my fresh skin I escaped my hotel room. I decided to go visit my future home. 

Just to be be clear I’m not a rule breaker. Quite the opposite. Just thinking I might be blurring a fuzzy gray line my stomach knots up.  When I arrived I couldn’t help but want to peek inside it’s unfinished interior.  I’m not sure if this is allowed but since no one was around and the garage door was opened I slipped inside. 

I didn’t stay long. Just long enough to let my imagination furnish its empty spaces. A month can feel like an eternity when waiting to receive keys to the next chapter of your life. I’m just saying. 

Breakfast Brunch Cafe 

I had heard  good things about this restaurant. I should have googled it before I headed here for brunch. I didn’t. I took a chance and not all leaps of faith pay off. 

Tip: save your time, your money and possibly your patience and skip this restaurant. It’s noisy, expensive and the service is nonexistent. 

I really don’t like passing along negative reviews. But, to be fair, I would hate not to warn you. 

Being seated at a table for two in the center of the room I wait and waited and waited some more. The server eventually appeared and took my order for a cappuccino and left. 20 minutes later a cold cappuccino was delivered by someone else who then left. I waited and waited some more until I flagged someone down about taking my order. Not to be deterred I figured I had waited this long I could be a bit more patient for the chicken and waffels that looked promising on the menu. What can I say, I like chicken and waffles. 

Silly Rabbit. 

It eventually arrived (a bit over done and definitely not a contender in my places for chicken and waffels).  On its heels, A family of 4 arrived, being seated inches next to me at a table for two. Seriously!?! 

Ding. My patience expired. 

I literally had to move my purse out of the way for them to squeeze in. I waved down a server (mine was no where to be seen), paid the very expensive check, and left. 


Days are like roller coasters; lots of ups and downs and, if you’re lucky, a few loopy loops to keep things interesting. 

The Royal Standard

My wonderful friend S told me about this hidden treasure. It’s conveniently right next door to the restaurant that I will never go to again. Which is a shame since it would have been nice to have the best of both worlds. But you can’t have it all. 

This is a shop I could get in trouble with. I  LOVE housewares. So much that I run out of space in my kitchen. I remember years ago my son threatened me if I brought home one more bowl… sigh…what can I say, I have a problem. 

I curtailed my desire to buy one of each of everything and struck up a conversation with the lovely lady who worked there. Really wish I had caught her name. She told me they sell furniture too and once I get into my home I may go back to see what’s available. 

It’s time to say sign off. I’m off to dream about my new house! 



Mister Carwash and Other Houstonian Rites of Passage

My car finally arrived after journeying thousands of miles on boat and truck. It desperately needed a bath. 

Over dinner my girlfriend told me about Mister Carwash on Gessner.  It sounded like the perfect Saturday morning plan. She warned me to arrive early because it gets pretty busy and I’m happy I did. Cars were already lined up and it was only a little after 8a.m.

Mister Carwash has over 30 locations, so the nice guy told me, while convincing me to sign up for the monthly car washing service (with the promise I can cancel at any time). No wonder most of the cars here are shiny! 

In Anchorage, cars are dirt encrusted most of the year and no one blinks an eye. Our roads conditions in Alaska are a bit more rough around the edges compared to this bustling Texas city. 

With coffee in hand, I left my car to be vacuumed and washed, wiping away the evidence of the long journey it had just recently traveled. From the comfy waiting room I can watch the cars glide past the wide windows, the hard working employees working their magic. 

I’m impressed!

You have no idea how  happy I am to be reunited with my car. It’s a small chunk falling into place, reminding me how wonderfully blessed I am with this new chapter in my life. I’m so very blessed and grateful for all that God has given me. Good and bad, it’s been a bit of a challenge but through it all I’m treasuring the days as they unfold. 

My mantra for today is “be present”.  

Be present in all the little moments. Even a Carwash. 



Finding Time in Lost Hours

“But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.” Khalil Gibran

The last few weeks I’ve spent lost in everyday details of a fairly busy life preparing to move. But to be honest, I have also found myself lost between hours, disconnecting myself from the altogether overwhelming list of “to dos”. Instead, because time is so short with Miss R, I have indulged us both in play and overnight stays whenever I can.

“Will you remember me?” I asked her over the new Moana Lego set just recently erected with her momma’s help. She tilted her head, the way she always does when her young mind puzzles through something. She nods and chirps, “of course.”


My heart hurts thinking about our soon to be separation.

I think ahead to summer vacation and the promised two weeks when my little family will join me in Texas. The “to dos” come crashing all around me and, instead of the momentary sadness of missing my grandchild,  I focus on all the blessings life has bestowed upon me.

Gratitude swells within me. I have worked towards this move for awhile. For years I have yearned for warmer weather, a fresh start and new opportunities. I am so blessed and so grateful for this next chapter in my life. But, being human, I also recognize the sadness, the profound grief, of this imminent move.

My list of “to dos” is calling me. Guess its time to get busy before I get lost in the hours again.