Sparkle Even When Mistakes Happen

Day 48? #100HappinessDay Challenge


Did you notice my mistake yesterday?

I could have just went in and edited the post and no one would have been the wiser. But I made a mistake 😳 and figured it’s a good time to admit I’m not perfect – nor have I ever been. Quite the opposite! And I may need an editor, which my son has pointed out to me several times over the last year of writing this blog.

Shit happens
I make mistakes all the time. I don’t mean to. I don’t set out to make a mess of things (if you’re seeking Ms. Perfection you won’t meet her here). Some mistakes are small. Some are mammoth-life-altering doozies. But guess what? Mistakes are typically the way we learn – they are just life lessons in disguise. Don’t let making a mistake dull your sparkle.

Own it
You messed up. Recognize it. Embrace the issue. It’s your creation, your very own pink elephant, to tame.

Don’t make excuses
Yeah, there are always the “if only” or the “but if I___” and down the rabbit hole you go chasing the “what could have been” while making excuses. That doesn’t erase the mistake and sometimes it slips into a downhill spiral, leading into a very dark depressing space.

Don’t beat yourself up
We are brilliant, sparkling human beings. We are love. We are God’s creation. As such, would you berate a small child for spilling milk? No. Remember that the next time you are beating yourself up. Be kind to yourself. Let your glorious self sparkle even when you may be covered in grime.

Clean it up – if you can
Some mistakes, like my typo from yesterday, is easily fixed. Take action if it’s fixable. With some mistakes there’s no going back. There may not be a way to fix it. Or change it. It is what it is. That’s a life lesson, a memory in the making that’s not pleasant. But may be something we can learn from

Be kind to yourself and others by practicing forgiveness. If you make a mistake, causing harm or hurt feelings, humble yourself. Ask for forgiveness. Maybe the hurt is too deep or fresh and the one wounded don’t have it in their heart to forgive – do it anyways. Don’t forget to forgive yourself. See above. Don’t fall into that dark place. Embrace the light. Let God’s healing balm soothe the hurt.

Learn from it
In my own life, some of life’s greatest lessons have emerged from mistakes. My mistakes and other’s. What I’ve found is to really look at the experience trying to distill the lesson, absorbing it so that I don’t repeat it. (Except typos. Typos seem to haunt me and I’m sure to repeat them. Please forgive me in advance.) Life has a funny way of presenting situations over and over again until you learn the lesson you’re there to learn. Learn those skills. It’ll save your sanity down the line.

On that note, I’m signing off.

Wishing you all love and happiness.

Love, April


3 Things to Love

Day 8 – #100HappyDay Challenge

It’s 2:44 am. That’s a new day right?

Sleep is eluding me. I finally got up, made a cup of tea in my favorite mug and curled up to watch This Is Us.

A few happy things:

  1. Pukka ‘Womankind’ tea – a beautiful cranberry, rose and vanilla tea that turns a soft pink. The vanilla and rose softens the cranberry which soothes me, especially with a dab of honey and cream stirred in.
  2. My favorite mug. I bought this years ago at barns and noble. The colors and the message made me smile when I saw it. I knew instantly it was coming home with me. Have you ever had that instant connection with something? That sparkle, that hidden, small smile which appears suddenly and you just know… how about you?
  3. This Is UsThis is real. This is love. This is life. The NBC show premiered last year and I instantly fell in love with the family drama. What I especially enjoy about the show is that it explores highs and lows of life. One minute your laughing, the next minute tears are rolling. I have watched the first season several times. The second season has started out just as good. Watch it. You’ll love it.



Off To Work Today

I woke up excited to go into the office. Working at home has its perks, but living by myself in a house that echoes with silence makes a girl yearn for some friendly chatter. It’s 92 degrees, the sun is shining, blues skies soar above me. I can’t believe it’s October. And I love it. The vast difference between Alaska and Houston makes my head spin at times. But I don’t miss the chill in the air as the snow marches down the mountain towards Anchorage. As I stepped outside, minus a jacket, I greeted the early morning with a giddiness usually reserved for vacation. Yay, I get to go to work today!

Sparkle, sparkle!

Salted Grace

Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. Colossians 4:6 ESV

I sometimes struggle with saying the things that need saying. The clear, succinct words in my brain tumble in fragments and split into mixed up letters making strange, incoherent sentences that make absolutely no sense. And then other times, out pops just the right thing, at just the right time with just the right meaning. That’s GRACE. And, you know what, I’m usually never aware of when that happens.

The crazy thing is, the Spirit works in ways that we aren’t aware of. He uses us, our mixed up words, our imperfect perfect actions and creates amazing, unknowing impacts on others. I remember a time when I was walking through the airport in my own little bubble when a man approached me. I didn’t recognize him. But he beamed at me, thanking me for something I had said during one of many training sessions I had held a year ago. I don’t remember what I had said or the words used. But I’ll never forget the happiness and enthusiasm of this man in the middle of the airport. And I still can’t remember what I had said to leave a lasting impression.

Words have impact.

Let Grace sprinkle them with just the right seasoning.



Impossibilities Made Possible

Take a good look at God’s wonders- they’ll take your breath away. He converted sea to dry land; travelers crossed the river on foot. Now isn’t that cause for song! Psalm 66:5-6 MSG

Whenever you feel the storms of life know that you are not alone. Trust that the Highest Power has your back ready to turn the impossible into the possible.



Prayer Is A Powerful Weapon

He is always living to make petition to God and intercede with Him and intervene for them. Hebrews 7:25 AMP

“Prayer, at its most basic level, was surrender. Like Jesus in the garden, saying, “Not My will, but Yours, be done.” The ironic thing was, when a person surrendered their will, they got God’s, and then they received what they were really looking for all along. This was what she believed.”

Chris Fabry, War Room: Prayer Is a Powerful Weapon

Last night I rented The War Room. My aunt said it was one of her favorite movies and she always watches it when she needed to be lifted up. And, like always, she was right. As I watched the movie, I could almost feel the message of prayer sink into my heart, its powerful light illuminating all the dark corners of my soul. I don’t like to look into those shadows because they are filled with cobweb memories of hurt, anger, pride, fear, neglect, shame. The list could go on and on. After all I’ve had 50 years of collecting and stuffing all of life’s negativity into the darkest corners. I’ve become an expert at stuffing the hurt and ugliness of life into boxes, locking them up tightly, then shutting them away in those dark places in my heart.

But here’s the deal. I don’t think I have room for another 50, or even 10, years to store boxes of grief. Because that’s exactly what each box contains when you get right down to it – grief.

“Wrap your heart around that the next time you go through a struggle,” Clara said. “The goal of prayer is not to change God’s mind about what you want. The goal of prayer is to change your own heart, to want what He wants, to the glory of God.”

Chris Fabry, War Room: Prayer Is a Powerful Weapon

Prayer is a powerful weapon.

Prayer is a powerful healing balm.

I went to bed thinking about prayer. I thought about it’s influence on my own life. I imagined if we all had a war room how different this world might be. But to be fair, a war room isn’t necessary – maybe a nice-to-have but definitely not a must. Prayer doesn’t need a room or an alter. It doesn’t have to fancy or wrapped up in fancy language. The Spirit hears the simplest prayers and those heartfelt, simple prayers in times of need tend to be the most powerful.



The Gift of Giving

You are the Fountain of life; our light is from your light. Pour out your unfailing love on those who know you! Never stop giving your blessings to those who long to do your will. Psalm 36:9-10 TLB

Giving, in all forms, honors our Creator. Sharing our blessings, with a willing and generous heart, acknowledges the Provider who has abundantly cared for us.

Over the last month we have watched the spirit of giving in communities across the States struggling with hurricanes, storms and fires. It is a joy to witness the Spirit move through hearts turning devastation into rebirth.

Times are hard. Doubt creeps in. Loss is all around us. Darkness has settled and I know, for me personally, it’s sometimes hard to find the light when I feel as if everything has been sucked into a void. But at the darkest times small gifts appear; a kind word, a message of encouragement, a helping hand. And in turn, when giving freely and generously it lifts you up. It honors the Universe and acknowledges that all will be provided for…somehow, someway.

Today’s opportunity is the gift of giving. It is giving freely of myself and my resources (expecting nothing in return), knowing that the ultimate Provider has my back and will multiply the kindness ten fold.