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Last Day to Save $$$

Day 64 – #100HappyDay Challenge Saving money is ALWAYS a good thing. Bargain Bombshells website has a slew of money saving coupons. What’s even better, is signing up for a free couponing class offered. Kim walks you through all the tricky bits on her website and in her class. If you want to save some… Read More Last Day to Save $$$

Around The Next Corner

Joy of Giving

Day 46 – #HappyDay Challenge How do you feel when you give freely? Giving from the heart opens me to experience unmeasurable happiness. Have you ever experienced this joy in giving? I began reading “Tattoos on the Heart” by Gregory Boyle, after hearing him speak on NPR. I admire him, a Jesuit priest, giving all… Read More Joy of Giving

Around The Next Corner

Turn A Light On

Day 43 – #100HappyDay Challenge Sunday errands complete, I arrived home with a happy find – guest room lamps! I braved HomeGoods this morning for a rolling pin since I haven’t found mine since the move and decided I needed to replace it. Anyway, as I wandered the store I discovered a pair of lamps… Read More Turn A Light On