Different Ways

God speaks in different ways, and we don’t always recognize his voice. Job 33:14 CEV

Today is the day to step into the new morning as happy as a bird with a French fry. I’m challenging myself and you to share a little bit of that happiness with the big, wide world.

Pause and listen, what small act of kindness can you materialize in the world? Listen to the whispers that stirs your heart…and then act. You never know how the Spirit will use you to bring light to others.




Impossibilities Made Possible

Take a good look at God’s wonders- they’ll take your breath away. He converted sea to dry land; travelers crossed the river on foot. Now isn’t that cause for song! Psalm 66:5-6 MSG

Whenever you feel the storms of life know that you are not alone. Trust that the Highest Power has your back ready to turn the impossible into the possible.



A Week Ago Thursday

“You are blessed not because you work hard, but you are blessed because you do right and treat other people right.”
― Kyos Magupe

Last Thursday we were preparing for Hurricane Harvey. Most local folks I talked to reassured me not to worry about it, that the media was all hype. I’m grateful my daughter, who is a natural caregiver, convinced me otherwise and we stocked up on groceries. At first I grumbled (I haven’t spent that much on groceries in I don’t know when),  but now, a week later, we are still well stocked, although a little short on fresh vegetables and fruits… but that’s all minor in the grand scheme of things.

Blessed, grateful, thank you. These words have become a litany, a prayer of sorts. Its hard to watch or read the news reports about the devastation around us.  I am proud of the community, the city, the nation of people coming together helping out those in desperate times. Its going to take a long time to come back from this but it’ll happen. the city, the state, the people are resilient. Its just going to take time and a lot of resources.

To be fair, I have been less enamored with Houston, since arriving a few months ago, but I also know myself well enough to know its just I’m not use to living in a major city (Its me – not you, Houston). Maybe I should say I’m less enamored of the driving, the heat and the ongoing aggressive crush of people always in a hurry and with little kindness to be spared. But witnessing the turn out of stranger helping stranger has softened my opinion. I doubt if I will ever enjoy the staggering amount of crazy on the interstate (I’m sure it will be worse in the future, since much of the roads will be undergoing repairs).

All in all, I don’t regret the move here (maybe I’m the crazy one?) – despite the adjustment to the fourth largest city, its crazy traffic and now, one of the largest natural disasters its ever seen, I still feel enormously grateful to be here. I am blessed. I am so thankful that my family is safe, that the rain has stopped, that the sun is out, and that the city is coming together to help those in need.

If you want to help:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

To make a financial donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts contact these charities:

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Day 4: Rain Continues

The sound of rain sent me to sleep, woke me up multiple times through the night and continues to fall as I step out of the front door to check the street. No rising waters. The drains are working. I’m so lucky. Blessed really. I’ve lost count of all the reasons why this home purchase has been such a blessing. But God continues to take care of me and my little family, especially when I just took a leap of faith and bought the place. After all it was close to work and I didn’t really have to get on the interstate. It was a win – now in more ways than one. Power is on. We are dry. We have enough provisions to manage.

Thank you, Lord. And thank you all for the prayers.


Isolated rainfall totals from Harvey could be up to 50 inches by later this week. That’s not good. Yesterday checking the Harris Count Flood Warning site the two water sheds that sit on either side of me were already overflowing. This morning the rain sensor is storm damaged, according to the site, and unable to provide status. Let’s just hope that there is enough land between those overflowing channels and this neighborhood to absorb that water.

Pictures of massive flooding around the City of Houston are flying around the web. But people are coming out in droves to help those in need. Its a testament to the goodness in this world when you watch strangers helping strangers. Its an anxious time. Yet the city is coming together.

If you want to help:

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

To make a financial donation to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts contact these charities:

Prayers to all impacted! Let’s hope this turns around soon.



Home – What Does It Mean To You?

“And then it happens all at once and unexpectedly. That is how things happen, I suppose. You pack your bags and find yourself walking yourself home.”
― Shannon L. Alder

“I just want to go home,” she said longingly. 


Home has as many meanings as there are people. But what is true is for me, is that Home is a place of love and serenity. It is an anchor for my soul as well as for my weary body. Home rejuvenates my mind, body and spirit. Home is my sanctuary. 

What does it mean to you?

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Slow & Easy

Friday Afternoon

I began my long weekend with a much-needed-vitC-facial. After google researching spas in Katy I landed on the Medispa at Villago.  Google did not let me down. 

Farina was amazing and so kind. I explained my current skin concerns; think stress-filled-climate-change-bipolar-almost-fifty complexion. In a nutshell I was in desperate need of TLC. And, sshhhhhh, I even brought up the suggestion of Botox…. which she gently reassured me that I’m looking pretty good for my age but we’d go slowly. First the vitamin C facial followed by a light chemical peel next month and a consult next month if I’m interested in pursuing injectables. 

We had a plan. 

Tip: If you are in need of some honesty along with a healthy dose of skincare TLC make an appointment for a consultation. 

Saturday Morning

Promising Fariba that I would stay completely out of the sun and avoid exercising for the weekend my weekend activities were a bit limited. Especially with the hot Texas sun. 

But I just couldn’t sit in my hotel room – blame it on a little ADD. 

After spraying sunscreen liberally on my fresh skin I escaped my hotel room. I decided to go visit my future home. 

Just to be be clear I’m not a rule breaker. Quite the opposite. Just thinking I might be blurring a fuzzy gray line my stomach knots up.  When I arrived I couldn’t help but want to peek inside it’s unfinished interior.  I’m not sure if this is allowed but since no one was around and the garage door was opened I slipped inside. 

I didn’t stay long. Just long enough to let my imagination furnish its empty spaces. A month can feel like an eternity when waiting to receive keys to the next chapter of your life. I’m just saying. 

Breakfast Brunch Cafe 

I had heard  good things about this restaurant. I should have googled it before I headed here for brunch. I didn’t. I took a chance and not all leaps of faith pay off. 

Tip: save your time, your money and possibly your patience and skip this restaurant. It’s noisy, expensive and the service is nonexistent. 

I really don’t like passing along negative reviews. But, to be fair, I would hate not to warn you. 

Being seated at a table for two in the center of the room I wait and waited and waited some more. The server eventually appeared and took my order for a cappuccino and left. 20 minutes later a cold cappuccino was delivered by someone else who then left. I waited and waited some more until I flagged someone down about taking my order. Not to be deterred I figured I had waited this long I could be a bit more patient for the chicken and waffels that looked promising on the menu. What can I say, I like chicken and waffles. 

Silly Rabbit. 

It eventually arrived (a bit over done and definitely not a contender in my places for chicken and waffels).  On its heels, A family of 4 arrived, being seated inches next to me at a table for two. Seriously!?! 

Ding. My patience expired. 

I literally had to move my purse out of the way for them to squeeze in. I waved down a server (mine was no where to be seen), paid the very expensive check, and left. 


Days are like roller coasters; lots of ups and downs and, if you’re lucky, a few loopy loops to keep things interesting. 

The Royal Standard

My wonderful friend S told me about this hidden treasure. It’s conveniently right next door to the restaurant that I will never go to again. Which is a shame since it would have been nice to have the best of both worlds. But you can’t have it all. 

This is a shop I could get in trouble with. I  LOVE housewares. So much that I run out of space in my kitchen. I remember years ago my son threatened me if I brought home one more bowl… sigh…what can I say, I have a problem. 

I curtailed my desire to buy one of each of everything and struck up a conversation with the lovely lady who worked there. Really wish I had caught her name. She told me they sell furniture too and once I get into my home I may go back to see what’s available. 

It’s time to say sign off. I’m off to dream about my new house! 



Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Third time’s the charm, at least I’m hoping it proves to be true in the case of my house hunting escapades. Like all fairy tale adventures it seems that it takes the mythical number three to get it right. 

This afternoon, after a few signatures and a check,  I committed to buying a brand new house. Why I hadn’t done this when I first arrived to Houston I’ll never know. But it’s better late to the party, than not at all. 

The first house just wasn’t meant to be, a contract was written prior to mine. 

The second house, sad from lack of care and in need of too many repairs, I had to walk away from. 

But the third house, a beautiful gem, that sits on the street of dreams, will be ready to move into at the end of June.  Seriously the street name is El Sueno meaning the dream street. How cool is that? The layout and the location is pretty spot on. 

The best part about a new house is being able to move in and not worry about repairing or replacing things. Just my cup of tea!