Here’s to The Back Half of Happy or Let’s Get Real, This Isn’t Easy

Day 51 – #100HappyDay Challenge

I’m beginning the back half of this 100 day happiness challenge. Between you and me I’ve been faithful to the challenge. I’ve posted. I’ve tried to pay attention to those still small moments. Here’s the thing. It’s tougher than I thought it would be.


Life. My life is filled with ups and downs, lots of downs, and if I can just get to a steady state I consider it a win. Is that happy? Can I check the box? Is that what I’m really after? It doesn’t feel like it. But maybe it is?

But my gut tells me that it’s more like finding this bright shining microsecond flash inside of the daily grind. Because life happens. And it’s not always fun. Often time it’s sloshing knee deep in muck. And if you are always chasing that big ticket item that “makes you happy” what happens when you catch it? Or it never happens? Will you never be happy? Or will the happy bubble purse burst minutes after you achieve the win and it’s off to races pursuing something else? Whew. It’s exhausting to even think about.

I’m more in Deepak’s camp, read a snippet of what he wrote on happiness.

Not every sky will be blue and not every day is springtime. So on the spiritual path a person learns to find this kind of happiness without needing nice things to happen on the outside. Rather, you find happiness by being who you really are. This isn’t mystical. Young children are happy being who they are. The trick is to regain such a state when you are grown and have seen the light and dark sides of life.

Deepak Chopra

The big question for me is how do I get back to that childlike state of being and stay there as often as possible? It’s the daily balancing act of practical acceptance. Knowing that I’m a work in progress…and for now that’s ok.

By the way,

Mercury goes retrograde December 3rd

If you want to go deeper into the subject I’d suggest popping over to Facebook to check out Robert Ohotto’s video from yesterday. I shared it on my Facebook page or find checkout his website.

“Get zen,” Robert recommends, so we are receptive to this retrograde message.

There’s a lot of superstition around mercury retrograde that I personally ignore. Maybe I’m the odd duck, but I like the opportunity to take some time for reflection.

“Energy never lies…energy always tells the truth. What is your capacity to read the truth?” Just a few snippets from his feed to contemplate.

Sending you happiness!

Love, April


Kids Say The Cutest Things

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” – Elbert Hubbard

Day 45 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Coming home I stepped out front to check on the herbs and one lone tomato plant. I planted the half a dozen plants just for fun and to prove to myself I could. And low and behold a tomato emerged! I’m so excited. This would have never have happened to me in Alaska.

While admiring God’s handiwork the kids across the street came running through my front yard chasing after their puppy, its leash trailing behind her. I greeted them happily.

The older girl, around 12 or so, let me pet the puppy. As I admired the little mixed auburn pup, her little brother and sister began to ask me questions. I love kid’s curiosity.

“Do you have a dog,” the little boy asked me. I said no. “Why not? Are you going to get a dog?” I could tell the way he looked at me he couldn’t imagine NOT having a dog.

I explained that I lived on my own and that I was away from home too much to have a dog and there wasn’t someone home to help take care of a dog. He nodded his head solemnly, “Are you going to get a husband?” I suppose that would solve being alone and then I could have a dog.

Oh, my goodness, I just laughed and laughed. His older sister, embarrassed, cheeks flushing, hustled them away. How cute are they!?!

I never really considered that as a reason to find a husband, but maybe I should have. Then I might have a husband and a dog. The kid might be onto something. Mmmmm.

SnowMan Buddy

Day 30 – #100HappyDays Challenge

I discovered a snowman buddy to bring home with me for Roxi. There are those moments in my life when I see something, a hidden gem, that I know without a doubt must come home with me. It’s a knowing, that gut check that whispers “yes.” And it just works. Love at first sight.

The older I get the more I pay attention to that still, soft voice. When I don’t, it becomes clutter that shortly finds its way to a dusty dark corner in a closet or worse, buried in the deepest dungeons in my garage before it’s off to the donation bin. Horror of horror.

I’ve learned to cull the temptation of collecting to collect. I breathe easier and it makes me happy to surround myself with things I love. Don’t get me wrong, those temporary trinkets sometimes slip in. They hang around but never quite fit and, in the end, money wasted. That’s never a good thing.

Today I stumbled upon the snowman buddy. His plushy, round body and stripey red scarf called to me from the shelf. I picked him up, gazing into his black eyes, trying not to smile all the while falling in love with the little guy. I pictured my granddaughter’s delight finding him perched beneath the Christmas tree.




The Start to A Spooktaculious Mexico Halloween Cruise

Day 14 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Hello Galveston!

I’m leaving Houston behind for a week to inject some fun into my very solitary life. But before I get into that can I just say prepping for all this fun is hard work! Car serviced, check. Mani/pedi, check. Hair, check. Dresses, check. Shoes, check. House cleaned; check. Laundry, check. Passport, check. Tickets printed, check. Sheesh….and I’m sure I’m missing something!

Too late now. I’ve checked into the Holiday Inn on the seawall in Galveston. The ocean and sunshine is deceptively beautiful but the gusty wind has a chill autumn zing to remind me it’s the end of October. Brrr

The 90 minute drive took its toll on me a bit. As I lay on the hotel bed relaxing into the softness I can feel the lack of sleep and busy days catch up to me. I’m going to resort to a half of cup of coffee and hope the caffeine will revive me. Dinner and then the pre-cruise party is right around the corner and I need to get ready. 😝

But before I do anything I have to share my happiness moment with you! Miss R is Queen of the Ladybugs! TaaaDaaa! She makes my heart flutter with so much love. I just love this kid!

I’m blessed, and grateful to have such a wonderful grandchild… LoL. I’m not bias at all, right!?! With everything going on she is and will always be my brightest, happiest moments when they come… because soon she will be grown and these minutes will fade far too quickly!



Off To Work Today

I woke up excited to go into the office. Working at home has its perks, but living by myself in a house that echoes with silence makes a girl yearn for some friendly chatter. It’s 92 degrees, the sun is shining, blues skies soar above me. I can’t believe it’s October. And I love it. The vast difference between Alaska and Houston makes my head spin at times. But I don’t miss the chill in the air as the snow marches down the mountain towards Anchorage. As I stepped outside, minus a jacket, I greeted the early morning with a giddiness usually reserved for vacation. Yay, I get to go to work today!

Sparkle, sparkle!

Impossibilities Made Possible

Take a good look at God’s wonders- they’ll take your breath away. He converted sea to dry land; travelers crossed the river on foot. Now isn’t that cause for song! Psalm 66:5-6 MSG

Whenever you feel the storms of life know that you are not alone. Trust that the Highest Power has your back ready to turn the impossible into the possible.