Fire 🔥 Word of the Year 

“You’re fired,” is that a period or an exclamation point? In my head, I hear a very loud exclamation point. I never sought out to watch the Apprentice years ago, but back then, you could hardly turn around without seeing clips of the infamous “you’re fired” being spouted by Donald Trump. 

I never imagined that one of the first reality television moguls, now turned President of the United States of America, would be spouting those same words to members of his staff in the Whitehouse. I wonder if our political system has turned into some warped reality television series leaving the viewers sitting on the edge of their seats wondering WTF? The news continues to rehash the American drama on prime time. Why not? I’m sure the ratings are climbing. 

Under fire…” this morning’s breaking news described gunshots being fired at a Virginia baseball field on the Republican congressional baseball team. Seriously!?!  Has the world lost its collective mind? It’s a ballfield. Its summertime. It’s a place of play not a damn warzone! I hear the exclamation clearly this time. 

A London tower emblazed in fire burns so swiftly accounts of children being thrown from the building is utterly heart wrenching. What desperation those poor souls must have felt in a moment of pure terror? I don’t even pretend to understand that crisis moment. My gut twists just thinking about the loss and devastation. 
And its only Wednesday. It’s only June, mid-year. It’s the year of the Fire Rooster. But does that mean that it’s ok to burn the world down around us? 


It’s a harsh reality. But like the phoenix rising from ashes, may we too, as a collective, rise from this horrific onslaught to become a better, stronger society, turning away from violence to embrace peace – happiness – tranquility. This is my prayer for all of us.



Viva Las Vegas

I booked a trip months ago to Las Vegas when Delta was having an air sale. These are the best kind of trips; easy on the wallet and good for the soul.

Speaking of which I thought I would share my cost saving tips as I go along. As I write this I can hear my friends and family snickering since I struggle with staying on budget. I like really nice things. And nice things tend to cost a bit more. But with the uncertainty around my livelihood that is on the horizon now is not the time to splurge. Quite the opposite. I should be saving for that rainy day that literally might be next week, but here I am looking at the Trump Tower Hotel from my window. C’est la vie.

I’m staying at Treasure Island Hotel and Casino – but that’s the old school name. Many of you may know it by just TI. Vegas has this thing about constantly rebranding – gotta keep everything new and shiny, right? It’s so much fun to pop in for the weekend and see what’s new on the Strip. But the rate was reasonable (budget, people!) and the location is convenient since it’s centrally located on Las Vegas Blvd. or more commonly called “the Strip”.

I’ve mentioned before in a previous post  the long journey from Anchorage to anywhere you want to go is forever.  I swear it’s often shorter to fly to Europe than to the Lower 48 States.

I landed in Las Vegas tired and a bit hungry, but food could wait. I had a spa appointment! First I collected my bag. Now don’t get me started about carry on luggage. Sometimes I’ll do it but for the most part I like strolling through the airport with nothing more than a tote on my arm. For me, there is nothing worse than chasing a suitcase like a wayward puppy. 

Check your luggage. Try it. The liberating feeling will set you free, not to mention save space in the overhead bins.

The Oleksandra Spa & Salon

Tip* The day before I found a groupon for the Oleksandra Spa & Salon conveniently located on the third floor of  TI. Basically I paid $60 for $120 worth of spa services. What’s a girl to do? Book a 50 minute massage!


Sleep deprived (did I mention I don’t sleep on planes?), I arrived at the spa’s lobby an hour early. Did I mention with any spa service you can use the facility all day!?! Yes!

The receptionist was welcoming and gracious. The spa is small but beautifully decorated in gold and cream. I shed my clothing, wrapped myself up in a robe, poured a glass of spa water and curled up on a comfy chaise lounge. Awwweeee.

It’s a clothing optional facility and it’s important to respect others privacy so you will just have to go to experience the tranquillity. I snuck a picture since it was just me in the entire place but it’s frowned upon. Naughty, girl. 


My Room

Note to self and to you: Do not get a lovely, relaxing massage if you plan on going out afterwards! 

C. sent a text. They had left L.A. later than expected  and wouldn’t hit town til late. Perfect! There was no way in my relaxed state I could go out. Heck, I was wondering if I had enough strength to make it to the 17th floor. So, with inordinate will power, I tore my relaxed-into-a-buttery-melty-lump from the uber spa cocoon – to bed! Thoughts of my room and it’s delicious bed drew me to its softness like a Las Vegas magician. It was 7:30p.m.!

I took a nap. It lasted all night. 

Snippets from today:

An older inebriated gentleman followed me into the elevator. He stared at the bank of numbers and told me 18 was missing. I nodded and took a look at the row of numbers. Pushing 18 I told him I found it. It was hiding next to 17. Very tricky elevators. “See you in the funny papers, kid,” he called after me as I left the elevator. I haven’t heard that phrase in eons! I laugh and wave. I hope he found his room wasn’t playing hide-and-go-seek.


“Drink lots of water!” The therapist reminded me as I left the massage room. With what remaining energy I had I ran downstairs to the convenient shop on the casino floor to purchase a bottle of water. They had a case of water stacked up by the entry on sale for $6.99. The clerk explained to me it was a great deal since one bottle of water was $3. I left the shop with a case of water – cuz that’s how I roll in Vegas, baby. All the water you can drink!