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Anchors Away

Day 15 – #100HappyDays Challenge

Good morning!

I’ve turned into one of those old people I use to notice nursing coffee at an all night diner after closing out the bars in my younger, wilder days which, of course, feels like yesterday. It’s a wild and wooly 6 a.m. and I’m sipping coffee at IHOP just down from the hotel watching a group of tipsy, giggling twenty something’s. I smile in memory of nights spent dancing only to land in a late night diner eating biscuits and gravy – my go to favorite breakfast, diner, lunch, hangover food.

It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, I just naturally wake up early. My eyes flew open this morning, the sound of waves and my empty tummy reminding me I hadn’t had dinner the night before which sent me searching for breakfast despite the nippy, cool morning which still happened to be black outside. It’s been months since I’ve experienced a chilly morning, but I have to say the short walk was refreshing, reminding me briefly of home, minus the snow, of course. There I would be in boots, gloves and coat instead of a long maxi dress, sandals and light track jacket. I’m a world away from Alaska.

Screenshot from WTForecast

I’m sure you are wondering how last night went at the pre-cruise party… and I’ll tell you. It was fine but an unexpected early night. I met a lovely couple who sat down with me. They have long been retired and travel the world together. Can’t wait to visit with them a bit more during the cruise. I met a few others too who circulated the room, introducing themselves in pairs and sometimes in groups. It became apparent that I was a minority single in a room full of pairs. What can I say… you would think by now I’d be use to it. I called it a night.

Onboard the Liberty of the Seas

Day 1

Energy is high coming aboard the ship. I’m always amazed at how quickly the staff processes thousands of people leaving and boarding the ship. I bounce along to the music navigating my way to the polished bar to begin the week with a rare Bloody Mary.

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