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All Hallows' Eve

Day 17 – #100HappinessDays Challenge

Day 2 at Sea

I began my morning with T, from Michigan, picking me up at 8am for coffee. We head to the 14th floor to the Platinum members exclusive lounge. I have to admit there’s a few perks for serial cruisers. Almost makes me want to book another cruise…

Breakfast and trivia followed. We would have won if they had gone with my answer about the 49rs winning the super bowl in 1989. How I remember that is beyond me. I left him with a promise to meet him at 2 for a mojito class. All this activity is making me drowsy

I want a nap.

Halloween – October 31


Just saw one of the single guys walk by with an adorable blond. They are so enamored. It makes my heart happy to see it. ❤️❤️❤️


Mojito class never happened. We met at the bar where the class was to be held but it appeared more of a tasting. I’m such a light weight. I passed on it and spent a few hours on my own recharging.

T picked me up at 6:30 dressed as the army man in Toy story. He was coated in green. From head to toe he embraced green. I didn’t bring my camera so didn’t get any pictures but found one taken by the hosts.

I didn’t embrace the Halloween fever and kept it simple with a black dress and witches hat . Did I mention I packed light? With T by my side no one noticed my lack of costume. He was the center of the party and took first place in the contest.

I eventually lost him after dinner when we’d went to the promenade. The rowdy crowds and parade of costumes surged around us pulling him into the parade. Everyone looked amazing and it was a party in the middle of the ocean. I let the party carry me away to bed around eleven. I never found T. When I got to my room my phone was ringing – it was him. I agreed to meet for coffee in the morning but it was time for bed. My happy moment of the day was climbing into bed to sleep.

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