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Home Is My Happy Place

Day 25 – #100HappyDays Challenge

I love being home. I just miss having my family near by. As much as I like to travel and experience new places my most favorite place is home.

That being said, I stayed true to my commitment to the 100 day challenge last week. Every day I wrote while I was on my week long technology break on the cruise. I’m slowly getting the days loaded and hopefully will have all the posts up shortly.

I can’t believe I’m a quarter way through already. Time is a blur! But today I’ve reached the 25th day of recognizing (or trying to) daily happy moments. Sometimes they are microseconds of happiness but they’re there if I search hard enough. Even if it’s a day of sameness there is a smattering of something in the day which qualifies, right!?! I hope so!

Besides baking some yummy biscuits this morning to enjoy with coffee (which is always a great way to start the day) I began my Christmas shopping. Ok. So, it was online. But that qualifies for a happiness moment in my world. I honestly hate shopping during December with the masses of people fighting over the last candy cane. Nope, this girl prefers to shop in the comfort of her home or in shops way before the madness begins.

Happy Shopping!



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