Around The Next Corner

Day 34 – #100HappyDays Challenge

Des Moines is a cool 50 degrees today. It’s my first day spending it with my favorite pooch, Mr. Abraham. He kept me company once I got home after dropping my son off to work.

I was a bit nervous driving his car. I haven’t driven a 6 speed in years but muscle memory took hold saving me and the car’s transmission. Thank goodness for GPS which allowed me to navigate to the grocery store where I stocked up, before helping me find my way back to his house.

Abraham met me at the door waiting patiently as I unloaded the bags from the car. We head to the back yard where I meet my son’s fancy chickens. Very fancy chickens in a very fancy coop.

What is it about stocking my kid’s kitchen that just thrills me? I don’t know. But I’m happy as I fill the pantry and fridge. I bought staples to bake with from flour, yeast, sugars, chocolate chips and lots of butter. You can never go wrong with having lots of butter on hand.

Putting on a pot of chili for dinner, my mind ran over plans on what to bake for the guys. Maybe bread tomorrow? Cookies is a favorite. Decisions, decisions. Maybe banana bread…



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