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MisHaps Lead to Lessons

Day 58 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Today’s post will be short since two champagne bottles toppled to my floor from their perch on top of the fridge. Bubbles and glass flew everywhere. Needless to say its a mess.

But I have to share today’s blessing. No one was seriously harmed by this potential hazard. I’m not sure how they fell off. I’ve routinely had a wine rack on the top of the fridge but tonight when I opened the fridge door it all came crashing down. I narrowly escaped serious injury. And what if I had company here? The thought makes me cringe.

Except for feeling slightly foolish, with a bit of a bruised nose, I am feeling so eternally blessed that the only thing that ended up broken was the champagne bottles.

Thank you, Lord!

There ya go; my happy moment is how grateful I am for blessings of protection.

Note to self: do not store heavy objects on top of the refrigerator.

Sending you all happiness.


Love, April

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