Coming Home, Culinary Delights

3am Hot Chocolate & Pancakes

Day 68 – #HappyDay Challenge

We are practicing for Christmas morning making memories a little early. I stumble from my bed, eyes barely open, hearing excited chatter at 3am.

“Grandma, can we have pancakes and strawberries? With whip cream on top?” She asks, bouncing into the kitchen as I put the tea kettle on. I pull a cup from the cabinet listening to her explain the witching hour to me. Crazy how much she’s grown in the few months since I’ve seen her.

How I’ve missed our mornings together. Just not necessarily at 3am.

But what’s a grandma to do? Make a cup of tea for me AND the promised hot chocolate with snowflake marshmallows for my beautiful girl. No judging! Grandmothers have special privileges.

Curling up on the couch, we watch Polar Express. I forgot how good this movie is. It’s been a few years since I’ve watched it, but it’s Christmas message is timeless. Plus Tom Hanks, even animated, is easy to watch.

4am pancakes tend to be some of the best. I used the Gristmill pancake & waffle mix from Homestead Farms I brought home from a trip to Waco – sooo yummy. If you go, pick up a bag (or two or three) and some jam, you won’t regret it! Or maybe Miss R was really, really hungry. Either way she devoured her plate of silver dollar pancakes and strawberries.

Her mom joined us for the early morning bite, then whisked them both back to bed.

It’s good to have them home.

Its a good day. And it’s not even 7 yet.

Sending you all early morning happiness your way!


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