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2017 Travel Recap

day 77 – #100HappyDay Challenge

  • Iowa in the Spring

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Every year around this time I begin to plan where I want to go. I started to do this when I turned 40…I can’t believe I’m 50 this year! Sometimes it takes me by surprise. Anyway, that makes it ten years of travel, ten years of memories. I firmly believe that life is all about making memories and what better way than to explore your world? It doesn’t have to be exotic locations. Exploring your own backyard can be just as meaningful. Maybe more so. Looking back over the last year of the places I’ve traveled to makes me feel so blessed.

  • I launched 2017 in the Big Apple with my wonderful girlfriend. We spent a long weekend exploring the city and even took in a show, Kinky Boots. If you get a chance go!
  • I played in my backyard, spending a chilly day enjoying Fur Rondy in Anchorage.
  • I’ve spent LOTS of time in Las Vegas. This year I have to say that visiting the Valley of Fire was brilliant. Go if you get the chance.
  • The Midwest is charming – visit Iowa. Since my son moved to the Midwest I’ve enjoyed getting to know Des Moines.
  • I’ve never really explored Pennsylvania and got to do that this summer with my daughter. We floated the river seeing the Pittsburg while pirates kept us entertained, discovered tiny towns hidden amongst the hills, and visited Falling Water.
  • Since moving to Texas I’m getting to know this vast state. It will take some time but I’ve been caught in a flash flood this summer, visited Waco, looked for shells on Galveston Beach and experienced Hurricane Harvey up close and personal. Whew…Texas sure has been an adventure!
  • To wrap up the year I decided to take a cruise…a singles cruise. It had some highs – it had some lows. To be honest,  I would have rather taken my granddaughter on a Disney cruise. But that might be next year…who knows what 2018 will bring.

To say its been a full year of lots and lots of changes is an understatement. CHANGE has been the anthem of my year. From moving to Houston from Alaska to changing jobs and buying and selling homes you could say my fiftieth year has busy. Very busy. I guess my perpetual singlehood has at least saved me from relationship drama. But, between you and me, I’d like to change my relationship status, but that’s another post.

I’ve had fun today looking back at the places I’ve been and the wonderful people I’ve met this year. I’m just amazed at how the year has unfolded.  I’m not quite sure where 2018 will take me but I’m looking forward to finding out. 

Sending you love and happiness!







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