Coming Home

A Tuesday That’s A Lot like Monday

Day 79 – #100HappyDay Challenge

Who else is back to work? I mean the work that pays the bills? I feel as if I’ve been working solid over the holiday trying to get the technology bugs worked out of this blog. I had hoped to be further along before I had to head back to my real work. What can I say except, like the rest of me, it’s a work in progress.

Hey, welcome to January. it’s a chilly, winter day even here in Texas. We are on our way to a brand new year. I’m still convinced we can make this an incredible year.

How are you going to make it the best year ever? What reservations do you have? Let me know. Love to chat if you want a friendly ear to listen. I wish I could tell you that it will be a cake walk, but i know there will be a few twists and turns ahead of us. In those twisty, doubt filled moments know that through faith, prayer and sweaty, perseverance we will come out on top.

Get ready to jump into your best year ever. It’s going to be an amazing, heart thumping, exhilarating ride of your life.

Sending you all love and lots of happiness.



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