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Absolutely Brilliant Self Care Concept

Day 86 – #10HappyDay Challenge

Isn’t it fun to discover hidden gems tucked away promising tasty treats!?! During a lunch break I introduced a few coworkers to a shop that specializes in hand crafted deserts along with pretty good cappuccinos.

Sweets, located in City Centre, offered the perfect afternoon treat to fuel us through the rest of the workshop. The shop gets busy, so be prepared for a little wait. I bought a cronut for our facilitator in hopes to be forgiven for our tardiness. And, yes, cronuts are a brilliant concept and even more delicious than you may have heard of. I’m pretty sure he forgave me.

My decadent treat of choice was a huge slice of luscious coconut cake. As soon as I saw the cake in the window I knew I had to try it. Since I was a little girl, I have always loved coconut and it’s one of the few remaining tropical fruits I don’t react to. Go coconut!

It was the perfect compliment to my frozen lean cuisine meal for dinner! Don’t judge. Ok. Judge a little. Last night for dinner I had cereal. Seriously.

Side note: I was chatting with a wonderful lady, who I admire, sharing my dinner plans or lack there of since it was just me. She shushed me, pointing across the street to a restaurant, explaining it was important to treat yourself to a good dinner. She explained I could call ahead and place an order to carry out if I didn’t want to eat in alone. She proudly reinforced that she always treats herself WELL and that it is important.

I thought about the coconut cake boxed, waiting for me after my frozen dinner. I told her I would work on it. I told myself that the cake is a good start.

Listen to me… work on treating myself well… like it’s work. Treating yourself well should be easy to do. It shouldn’t be work. Self care is a priority but, for me, I’m conditioned to take care of others and don’t always think about me; this body. I just make do.

Things to contemplate. How are you at self care? Would you prefer cereal in bed, writing or a fancy take out dinner? Mmmm My side note is awfully long… sorry about that.

AnyHOO, back to the cake, it was FABULOUS. Oh my goodness. It’s creamy goodness is worth every calorie.

The overly generous slice that Sweets serves up is definitely big enough to share. To be honest, I cut the slice in half, wrapping it up nicely before tucking it in the freezer for later. I’d be sick if I indulged in that much richness at one sitting. But worth it, I’m sure of it.

On that note, if you are in Houston I highly recommend this jewel for yummy treats. Oh – and they have lovely macaroons! How could I forget the macaroons… so many brilliant flavors and colors. Try one. You’ll be back for more.

Sending you love and happiness!


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