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Hit Snooze

Day 88 – #HappyDay Challenge

Snooze an a.m. eatery with a hipster-kind-of-vibe which just happens to be a perfect brunch spot for this Alaskan transplant.

Believe it or not, this is the first place I’ve walked into that evokes a sense of familiarity since arriving in Houston. It reminds me of Snow City Cafe in downtown Anchorage. Except Snooze is a growing chain out of Denver, CO.

And it’s just as busy!

I took the last seat at the bar. The wait to get a table would have been a bit. For those of you who show up without a reservation, like me, and you have to wait order a Bloody Mary or mimosa from the end of bar to tide you over. Thank me later.

Do you need a side of bacon in your life?


…and a mimosa and a pancake sampler.

Hello, Friday!

8am is the new 5pm

Love that T-shirt!

Today feels like an explanation kind of day. Do you ever have those kind of days?

I sampled a trio of pancakes; pineapple upside down, blueberry danish and Tres Leche. My hands down favorite is the upside down pineapple pancake. I’ve never had a pineapple pancake but now I’m thinking I might have to make these at home.

Peace, love, pancakes

I had to push the plate away before I indulged too much and make myself sick. But I’ll be back. Only next time I might make a reservation and bring a friend. Wanna go?

Sending you love and happiness!


8 thoughts on “Hit Snooze

    1. There are 2 in here… the one I visited was in Cinco Ranch, in Katy. The is one in one in Town and Country near memorial with better parking. I’m going to try that one next. You won’t be disappointed if you don’t mind a hustling, busy place.

    1. It was so good. They actually chopped it up in small chunks. It wasn’t crushed so I wouldn’t recommend using crushed pineapple. But the canned tidbits would work if you can’t find fresh. It was topped with cinnamon butter and a bit of pastry creme. Honestly, I enjoyed the pancake and didn’t need the creme. If you make it let me know. Maybe I’ll try it and post about it. Cheers!

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